"What you don't know can't hurt you". Do you agree or disagree or do you think the validity of the statement lies somewhere between?

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Knowledge is very powerful. We decide whether we want to know something or not. I disagree with the statement that the lack of knowledge can't hurt you. The true knowledge often hurts; however it doesn't mean that lack of it can't hurt.

Why can lack of knowledge be harmful and hurt us? Let's start from a simple fact like not studying for a test or a quiz may or will result in a bad grade. Not knowing the material that we are studying can and will hurt us. General knowledge in a society is very important in order for a person to function properly. For example, our health is the most precious thing in order to function. One needs to know about diseases like AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in order to avoid them and to protect his/her health. Moreover, a bad diet can lead to various illnesses, and lack of knowledge in this area will harm our health.

We live in the information age, and to be informed is very important in our world. Information makes up big part of knowledge. Lack of information (knowledge) can end up leading to bad consequences. One example is from my personal experience with lack of information. Two years ago I had a basketball tournament. The first game was on Friday and the second on Saturday. After the game on Friday I left immediately, not knowing that the

coach had some information to share with us regarding the game on Saturday. Not knowing about it, on Saturday for the second game I was 30 minutes late. The important information that was announced was that the game on Saturday would start 30 minutes earlier. I missed almost the whole game because I was not informed. The coach didn't allow me to play...