Is your life really private?

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Bearzzotti, Ma. Florencia - Language III

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Thesis Statement: Surveillance has presented numerous challenges to the right to privacy.

What you search for on the Internet stays on the Internet.

Anyone can find you wherever you are.

Most people have the feeling that someone is always watching you.

Is your private life really private?

In recent decades we, as a society, have been able to witness the evolution of technology

from the invention of cellphones and computers, to cars that run on solar energy. But the

most controversial is the evolution on surveillance systems. Many people consider that

surveillance has presented numerous challenges to the right to privacy. Nowadays, there

are cameras on every corner watching people doing everyday errands, cellphone calls can

be traced and even listen to it, and even there is a spy software that use your own webcam

in your own home. Every individual is entitled to the right to privacy and measures should

be taken to address the issues in the new technology.

An advanced technology can be very useful when properly handled. In our time, almost if

not every home has a computer and uses Internet. All the searches a person does on the

internet stays on the Internet. Everything you looked for can be monitored, even you

emails and accounts. Although in some cases this could be helpful, most of the times this

type of invasion of privacy has no legal grounds.

Moreover, wherever you go is always possible to find if you have your cellphone on. All

new smartphones have a GPS device that can give the exact address where you are

standing. It sounds fictitious but it is the awful truth. A girl once said that she was chatting...