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The solubility of Potassium Nitrate lab report.

... our results. Conclusion: From the results we can see that the solubility of potassium nitrate is increased as the temperature is increased. The relationship is ... this experiment is to find out by how much the solubility of potassium nitrate into distilled water increases when the solution is heated, and if ...

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The Solubility Curve of Potassium Nitrate Experiment Report

... the test tubes. And calculated the solubility, for each tube, of potassium nitrate in grams per 100 g water Observations: Data Table Samples Temperature, C ... be found in some toothpastes for sensitive teeth. Recently, the use of potassium nitrate in toothpastes for sensitive teeth has increased dramatically, despite the fact ...

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Solubility Curves

... may have done while conducting the experiment. 4.Using your graph, predict the solubility of potassium nitrate at 50°C. According to my graph, the ... . Calculations:1.Using the mass of potassium nitrate dissolved in 5 ml of water; calculate the solubility of potassium nitrate in grams per 100 g ...

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Comparing the solubility's of copper sulphate, sodium chloride and potassium nitrate

... 30cm?, 35cm?, 40cm?, 45cm? and 50cm?. Weigh out about 10g of potassium nitrate and record its mass. Again take a new boiling ... preliminary work, I think that as the temperature increases the solubility of all the salts will increase. Equipment 3 boiling tubes ...

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Solubility of salt

... Hg2SO4, which are slightly soluble. Potassium chlorate is a compound containing potassium, chlorine and oxygen. It has a melting point of 368 ... KClO3, (NH4)2SO4, Na2S, and (NH4)2CO3 are soluble. 2. The nitrate (NO3-) ion forms soluble salts. Thus, Cu(NO3)2 ...

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Le Chat Lab Report

... , the solution was mixed. Approximately a ½ pea-sized sample of potassium nitrate crystals was added to one spot in the petri ... blue color (5.0pH) Activity E: Solubility of Magnesium Hydroxide Procedure: Observations 50 mL of distilled water was added to a ...

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Precipitation Reaction and the Solubility

... )sodium chloride (source of sodium ions) 3)potassium bromide (source of potassium ions) 4)strontium nitrate (source of strontium ions) 5 ... this. II. Purpose This experiment is to create a list of soluble and insoluble compounds. Finally by examining the list ...

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Qualitative Analysis of Buffer Solutions

... if it was placed into water. All nitrates are soluble so no change would occur in the appearance of the bottle ... . Nitric acid was then added, along with distilled water, and potassium thiocyanate. Examining the Ammonium Carbonate Class- The cation solutions ...

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Treatment of drinking water and the processes used in the Illawarra region. HSC year 12 syllabus

... and following treatment with a known excess of potassium iodide the solution is titrated with ... egg smell, by converting it into soluble sulfate in the reaction: H2S + 2O2 = SO42- ... waterways. Heavy metals as well as nitrates and phosphates can be leached from ...

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Chemistry year 11 Syllabus Summary

... will produce precipitates, using solubility data- When colourless solutions of potassium chloride and silver nitrate are mixed, a white precipitate of silver chloride is formed ... insoluble salt are in solution togetheroIdentify some combinations of solutions which will produce precipitates, using solubility data- When colourless solutions of potassium chloride and silver ...

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