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Structure and properties of Biological membranes.

ns in. These ions create a concentration gradient which will incur either a resting potential or an action potential thus sending a message down the neurone. Another adaption to the membrane occurs in ...

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Multiple Sclerosis: Changes Beyond Demyelination.

t be restored. Scarring occurs, which results in an interruption of the salutatory conduction of an action potential down the axon. This slower conduction velocity results in weakness and lack of coor ...

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A basic essay discussing how the brain sends messages throughout the body, how chemicals affect the brain, and explains the left and right brain.

which the neurotransmitter attached itself to and starts a receptor on the neuron and makes another action potential; repeating the cycle. Each neuron has about 1000 synapses so it can receive informa ... serotonin cause schizophrenia, while low levels of both cause depression.Dopamine will drive to attraction but lasting relationships increases serotonin. A series of short term relationships will decr ...

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Overview of Brain - Psychology Notes

citors are connected to form electronic circuits.Neurons communicate via electrical impulses called action potentialsthere are other forms of communication as well e.g. gap junctionsEffect (via an act ... potential) of one neuron on another can beexcitatory - encouraging the receiving neuron to emit an action potentialinhibitory - discouraging the receiving neuron from emitting an action potential.The ...

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Hippocrates vs. Neuroscience: A comparison between Hippocrates' theory of four humors and todays knowledge of neuroscience.

n affects mood and hunger. Thus, changes in mood and behavior depend on the kind and strength of an action potential sent through an axon.Apparently, Hippocrates had underestimated the power of the ne ...

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Communication process of Neurons in the Brain

postsynaptic endings. The synapse can be considered a messenger between neurons. The potential for actions can not just cross the cleft gap, this is where neurotransmitters chemicals found at the axo ...

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Neuronal Functions

ls's main function is communication and they operate by processes of both chemical and electrical reactions. Neurons constantly relay messages between one another via "action potentials". Action poten ... release neurotransmitters. The structures inside the neurons are what will reveal how each of these actions is performed.Neurons are just like any other cell in the body in that they contain organelle ...

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difference between EPSP and an IPSP is that EPSP helps a postsynaptic neuron's ability to reach an action potential and IPSP reduces the ability to reach an action potential. In determining which wil ... mber of EPSP and IPSP. If there are more EPSP than IPSP, enough to reach threshold, you will get an action potential. If on the other hand IPSPs dominate the count hyperpolarization will occur.2. Late ...

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Animal Physiology Lab Report: Mechanoreceptors of Cockroach

ural discharge due to stimulation of tactile sensilla receptor is posted on figure 1.Figure 1: Mean action potential activity of tactile sensilla receptors in femural of cockroach.In this experiment, ... 1 it can be observed that the mean spontaneous resting activity of the cockroach leg is (42+/-9.7) action potentials/sec. After the tactile sensilla receptors were stimulated by moving the receptor w ...

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Upper and Lower motor neurons

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Psychology and Biological Bases of Behavior

Isaac Newton stated, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This statement applies to not only the study ... rns their finger with a match, a series of biological events occur inside the human body within a fraction of a second.Through different research methods such as, varying observation techniques, recor ... hologists have been able to trace the series of events that occur when the nervous system goes into action.The nervous system’s foundation is made up of countless neurons. Neurons consist of a ce ...

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