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(Gordon Graham, Publisher's Weekly, 15 February, 1991)The crisis in African writing is very much evident through this statement as the Africanwriters are facing not onl ... use of the lack ofresources. Going step by step to render the difficulties confronted by the African writers thepicture that will appear will truly reflect the sorry state of affairs for them. ...

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How the English language influenced African literature.

The use of the English language plays a crucial and dominant role in African literature. In contemporary African literature the use of English is often the key element f ... orld. However writing in English instead of their native tongues may come at a high price for these African writers. By them replacing their native languages with English could eventually lead to the ... e aim of this essay is to address the following key elements which influence the role of English in African literature. Colonization played a leading role in placing English at the forefront of Africa ...

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Effect of a "white" culture of African and American Indian literature

Incorporation into the dominate "white" culture plays a critical role in American Indian and African literature during the time periods we now refer to as Colonial Literature and Literature of ... f people's works were marketed, to how it influenced their individual writing, American Indians and African's were molded and influenced, whether directly or indirectly, to better fit into the promine ...

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Love Between Men and Women

Some people would say that with all the obstacles that African Americans have endured, we couldn’t take on the loyalty of love. African Americans were ... chattel”, an item of movable personal property, (Slavery and Womanhood, Davis 170); therefore, African Americans were being judge from the beginning. Since being forced into servitude, with the a ... ther. Our history contains nothing but negativity. Perfect example is Ayi Kwei Armah explanation of African American history, “wreckage of our people…what has been cast abroad is not a thous ...

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ant struggles between gender, identity, commodification, and class. Among the men and women in many African tribes that still exist today, there are divergences, which will always remain intact becaus ... ht to treat each other. Chinua Achebe wrote the novel, Things Fall Apart, which is a great piece of African literature that deals with the Igbo culture, history, and the taking over of African lands b ...

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Things Fall Apart

think that Things Fall Apart is an influential work of literature; and that it not only influenced African literature, it also influenced literature around the world. The book has twenty-five chapter ...

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A Discussion of the Author Chinua Achebe’s Views Upon the Use of English Literature as a Postcolonial Medium

words of many a greater writer; Chinua Achebe belongs to this category. Achebe is one of the first African writers that became a major novelist and was able to grasp the attention of readers both ins ... . This compilation was aimed at European writers and critics who wished to quite literally exorcise African literature of its native traits, in favour of a more universal approach. Achebe's work has o ...

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