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The Wind in His Sail

"Ahh, there's no wind today," sighed Cobi as he tacked his sail around and headedfor the shore. Cobi ... do ya?""Yeah man, the winds lately haven't been much of a challenge for me, eh.""I don't know man?""Ahh c'mon, you're coming to my party tonight aren't ya.""Yeah""Well, we can go for a sail, then to t ... with the boom as the boat slammed onto the ocean'ssurface, he was knocked unconscious and drowned. "Ahhh, nooo. Why did I come outhere tonight? Greg!! Ahhh..." exclaimed Cobi. Weeping, Cobi franticall ...

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Birth of American Football. The Ivy League sets the rules

American Football wasn't always pretty like todays version, back then,Football was Ugly!!Football, ahh the great sport of football!! A sport which huddles manyAmerican families around the television ...

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The realization of a man that life changes over time, and that all things that go around come around and how your worst enemies can become your best friends

Ahh, up bright and early on Saturday morning.Nothing beats a good night's sleep with a good cup of d ... d immediately began talking.I finally decided to order breakfast and a cup of decaffeinated coffee, ahh the simple pleasures of life. I sat there continually racking my brain trying to remember who th ...

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A mythical interview of Walt Disney, his life story

1)Question- Well for starters, Walt, what was your childhood like?Ahh, my childhood... Well, I was born in 1901, on December 5th, in Chicago. But I didn't live in Chi ...

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Science Fiction Story PART 8.

PART 8I woke up early to find Jason standing over me. I jumped, "Ahh!!" I screamed in mock horror, "What a horrible wake up call!"A smile flickered reluctantly acros ...

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Gender Representation within Fairy Tales: Rapunzel with a twist!

Ahh.. And they live happily ever after and once again all is well in the ever-smiling town of NEW YO ...

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