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The Title is Antisemitism and the Dreyfus Affair. It answers the question of whether or not Cpt. Dreyfus would have been arrested if he was not a jew. The essay states that he would not have been.

t not have been convicted. Anti-Semitism along with chance was the main reason Dreyfus was arrested.Alfred Dreyfus was born in Mulhouse, on October 9, 1859 to a family of Alsatian Jews. As a result of ... ng. The Dreyfus family who took French citizenship extremely seriously decided to take this option. Alfred would eventually attend the Realschule in Basel, Switzerland, where he would become fluent in ...

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Anti-Semitism in 19th Century France

persecuting Jews. A great example of anti-Semitism during this time is the Dreyfus Affair, in which Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer in the French Army, was falsely convicted of treason. This episode ... a perfect example of the senseless anti-Semitism rampant throughout France during the 19th century. Alfred Dreyfus was a Jewish artillery officer in the French Army. He was accused of exchanging Frenc ...

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Zionism Between 1894-1918

ssian Pogroms and The Dreyfus Affair. The latter helped bring awareness to anti-Semitism in Europe. Alfred Dreyfus was a Jewish French Officer convicted of treason and sentenced to life. Many believed ...

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Explain why the Dreyfus Affair polarised France?

till 1906 ultimately resulted in the separation of church and state in France. The accusation that Alfred Dreyfus committed treason by selling military secrets to Germany caused a divide within the F ... using their own prejudice against other religions and the lack of total victory in the case against Alfred Dreyfus. To make matters worse the Republicans believed that the Jesuits covered up the attem ...

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