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Computer Crimes

sia between June and October 1994. Six people were arrested in the scheme, in which $10 million was allegedly shifted from Citibank to accounts in Finland, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, the United ...

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A Critique of Socrates' Guilt in the Apology

ds of Athens at the time, and the legitimacy of his accusers and the validity of the crimes that he allegedly committed. Having said this, we must first look at the affidavit of the trial, what exactl ...

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This Essay is on the Exxon Valdez Incident

ound, Alaska. The captain of the Exxon Valdez had had a history of substance abuse problems and was allegedly drunk while commanding the tanker. When the tanker hit the land, a large amount of oil spi ...

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The Roswell UFO Crash

saw.One incident in particular which has sparked a craze in the study of UFO's is when aflying disk allegedly crashed in the deserts of New Mexico near Roswell on the night of July 8,1947. According t ...

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Justice - This is a short essay written to question justice in modern day society.

Justice system that works?There was a story in the news just a couple of weeks ago where two teens allegedly street racing struck a woman in the street and killing her. Their sentence was 18 months h ...

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Reaction Paper - A reaction to the speaker David Wilson, who gave a guest lecture promoting the concepts within his new book

ain examples or should I say a lack of examples, which he considered to undergo group selection. He allegedly did some sort of experiment with chickens and their eggs. He tried to say that under group ...

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Romania's World War 1.

to join the Triple Entente because it was in great need of powerful allies. The Central Powers were allegedly plotting to invade, and the country was vulnerable. The controversy began when a Bosnian S ...

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The curse of the great bambino.

nd have gone to outrageous extents to do so.There is one story in particular in which Babe Ruth was allegedly vacationing in Sudbury, mass in the winter of 1918. He was having a party outside when he ...

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"Under God" from the Pledge of Alligance

on has maintained a strong presence in the nation's public schools, the very institutions that are, allegedly, the foundation of our democratic society.In Michigan, only a recent administrative decisi ...

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Why Are Many People Fascinated With Extraterrestrial Life?

for many devoted to the search for other life forms."July 4, 1947 was a day when alien space craft allegedly landed in Roswell, New Mexico, better known as Area #51. A newspaper frightened millions b ...

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An essay about the miserable mother in "In the Land of the Free" by Sui Sin Far.

when a huge number of immigrants from China arrived in the U.S. The U.S government, terrified by an allegedly economic depression and misperception causing by immigrants, enacted many racially discrim ...

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The Right to Download Music -persuasive essay to convince it's okay to download music, includes lots of statistics

industry's strike back. For years they said they were losing money due to people such as these, who allegedly infringe on copyright laws by downloading media from the Internet. However, the industry's ...

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The play shows us a telling example of man's inhumanity to man. Discuss this statement

ll discuss whether the play shows us a telling example of man's inhumanity to man.The family, which allegedly cause Eva to commit suicide, are the Birling family. They are a rich upper class family wh ...

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e things from his own viewpoint in turn helping others better themselves.When he was "martyred" for allegedly corrupting the youth of his city with his teachings, Socrates refused to admit he was wron ...

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Mafia financing 60 pc Bollywood Movies

ms released recently are suspected to have been financed by the underworld don, Chhota Shakeel, who allegedly forced many stars into signing movies and rescheduling their shooting dates, he told PTI h ... ere.Since the arrest of Mr. Nizim Rizvi, producer of the unreleased film Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, allegedly financed by Chhota Shakeel of the notorious Dawood Ibrahim gang, Crime Branch sleuths had ...

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Music and Singing in the Light of the Islam, Quran and Sunnah by Abu Bilal Mustafa Al-Kanadi (Part 1)

tariesIt is vital that one critically assesses the extent to which certain verses of the Quraan allegedly stand as proof for against the legality of music and singing. Some of those verses which m ...

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The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr

Virginia on the count of treason against the United States. During the period of 1804 to 1807, Burr allegedly committed several overt acts, which are actions, that may be innocent in themselves, but i ...

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and that it was played in some form as far as back as 1000BC, and maybe before. The Ancient Greeks allegedly played a form of football known as episkyros, and the Romans a similar game, harpastum. (h ...

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The "Winslow Boy" by Terrance Rattigan.

intense drama is when Ronnie has to talk to his dad about getting sent home from naval college for allegedly stealing a postal order for 5 shillings. He confronts his father, and is father believes t ...

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Addictive A.D.D. - This essay depicts the negative effects Ritalin has on a mentally challenged person.

ot behaving well or for not doing their schoolwork with care.Ritalin is prescribed for children who allegedly have ADD or ADHD (attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactive disorder)--d ...

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