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Geronimo: A biography about the apache warrior.

ican soldiers reportedly gave him the name Geronimo, although few agree as to why. As leader of the Apaches at Arispe in Sonora, he performed such daring feats that the Mexicans singled him out with t ... s. Because he fought against such daunting odds and held out the longest, he became the most famous Apache of all. To the pioneers and settlers of Arizona and New Mexico, he was a bloody-handed murder ...

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Thunder rides a black horse, by Claire Farrer

many misconceptions among the mainstream Americans about the Indians, inparticularly the Mescalero Apache. I feel she uses her book primarily as actual proof that in many ways the Indians' culture is ... 'mythic present' that I will primarily be discussing are the astronomical concept of the Mescalero Apache, the kin-system that the Apache implore, and lastly the Apache girl's puberty ceremony. Altho ...

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Geronimo's grandfather, Maco, had been the chief of the Nedni Apaches. He had been of great size and strength. When Maco had been chief his principle wars had bee ... o's father could not become the chief of the Nedni's, because he married a woman from the Bedonkohe Apaches. The two had 8 children- four boys and four girls, including Geronimo. The possibility that ... his arms beside him. Geronimo's mother never married again, which was not a custom to the Bedonkohe Apache. In 1846, when Geronimo was 17 years of age, he was admitted to the council of warriors. If a ...

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The Apache Indian culture and history.

The unique culture of the Apache Indians involved several different regional groups. These groups were the Mescalero, who roam ... iricahua, who were located in southwestern New Mexico, southeastern Arizona and Mexico; the Western Apache which were located in Eastern Arizona, the Whiter Mountains, Cibuecue, and San Carlos; the Li ... The differences in location for these groups made each group develop slightly different cultures. (Apache)These nomadic Native Americans belonged to the Southern Athapascan linguistic society. They s ...

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A plan to build and implement an online procurement website.

he application will be built by in-house web developers utilizing the Java Servlet engine Tomcat by Apache implementing Java Server Pages (JSP). The coding will be completed as stated within the corpo ...

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This essay is about an Indian boy name Coyote Runs and a kid name Brenna cole. Name of this essay is Canyons

I read is call "Canyons" by Gary Paulsen. This story talks about an Indian boy that belongs in that Apaches group and a kid that lives in El Paso, Texas. The Indian boy name was Coyote Runs this boy h ... at by that bluebellies. Bluebellies was and army back then between 1860 or 1890 that fought against Apaches. As Coyote Runs and Magpie where heading to that sacred place they where ambush by bluebelli ...

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The Plains Indians. With America now expanding West, the Plains Indians had to fight with limited technology against the armies of America.

ccurred as the Indians and whites shared bad blood for each other.The fiercest Indian tribe was the Apaches who came from Arizona and New Mexico. The Apaches were led by the courageous Geronimo, who a ... he courageous Geronimo, who above all hated whites. Despite being the hardest tribe to restrain the Apaches were forced to flee into Mexico where the sun-flashing heliograph was used to help control t ...

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Programming Capabilities and Application Software Comparison

most commercial software vendors.An example of a UNIX application versus a Window's application is Apache's dominance in the web server market has been shown independently by E-soft. Their report on ... ket share published October 1, 2002 surveyed 9,045,027 web servers in September 2002 and found that Apache was #1 (66.75%), with Microsoft IIS being #2 (21.83%). E-soft also reports specifically on se ...

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History and Background of the Apache Indians.

The Apache migrated down from the Canadian area and settled in the plains andsouthwestern part of the Un ... he dominant settlersof most of northern Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas for many decades. TheApache were divided into 6 sub-tribes, Bedonkone, Chieanen, Chihenne, Chokonen,Nedni, and the White ... re divided into 6 sub-tribes, Bedonkone, Chieanen, Chihenne, Chokonen,Nedni, and the White Mountain Apache. The different tribes varied on ways of life. Somelived in the mountains and hunted while oth ...

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The Pueblo Revolt of 1680

e Indians loss of interest in Spanish novelties, and the Spanish military's ineffectiveness against Apache raids.From the time the Spaniards set foot in Mexico, they had been exploiting the Indians us ... g the drought years of the late 1660s and 1670s the Spanish military proved ineffective against the Apache raids. The famine undoubtedly took it's toll on the military personnel just as it did everyon ...

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San Antonio de Bexar

y different ways. In San Antonio de Bexar, the Indians that were present were the Comanches and the Apaches. The Apaches were the original inhabitants of the southern plains and lived basically with b ... ffalo in the fall and winter. The settlers from San Antonio de Bexar had continuous fights with the Apaches due to the fact that they took over their land and because in the early 1700s San Antonio de ...

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An essay about how one would design a house for an Apache based on their cultural history.

e you must first study their eating habits, life style, traditions, and family ties. Members of the Apache culture have a distinct way of living that has changed over the years, but the values have no ... axation. In addition, it will be welcoming and at the same time provide a certain level of privacy. Apache culture shows they like open spaces and having a lot of room. This is important also because ...

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Electronic Marketing

ASP), or Java Server Pages (JSP). A website also requires software known as an HTTP Server, such as Apache (, the most commonly used web server software used on the Internet, or ...

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Geronimo Vs. George Washington

hen attempting to fight back the unjust ways of the British, won their struggle. While the Indians, Apache to name one group tried to fight back but lost to the imperialistic U.S. Geronimo was not onl ... s fighting to preserve his people's rights and land. In this paper, there will be discussion on the apaches, Geronimo, revolutionary war, patriots, and then a compare and contrast on the different peo ...

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e (apt-get install tomcat) that I was able to trace my way back and install it on solaris. Not that apache itself was much better, trying to get apxs working.Then, after it was going, I tried to enabl ... igure each directory individually, basically "giving" the /public_html/ dir to tomcat and bypassing apache completely, or you make everybody create a new directory and then configure them *individuall ...

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ers stayed with after the baby was born. The men are appalled at the fact that he was married to an Apache woman, and didn't even think of her or her 'kind' as human. The variety of classes was widely ...

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