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Ben Franklin and Robert Fulghum use aphorisms in their writing.

The ABC's of Aphorisms in KindergartenAn aphorism is a short statement expressing a truth or clever observation. ... statement expressing a truth or clever observation. Benjamin Franklin and Robert Fulghum both used aphorisms in things they have written. Ben Franklin's "Poor Richard's Almanac" uses aphorisms in a m ... n's "Poor Richard's Almanac" uses aphorisms in a more literal way. However, Robert Fulghum uses his aphorisms in a more metaphorical way. Although the two are different, both writers have the same typ ...

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How absolute power corrupts. An authority with absolute power can destroy morals.

is statement is true more often than not, there are still instances where power is not corrupt. The aphorism tells that an authority destroys the honesty of what is right and wrong, and that any autho ... lieve but secular people get what they want. While this is only one of the many instances where the aphorism is true, there are some examples where it is not. An example of when the aphorism is true i ...

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Why Is Downhill Running So Difficult" - Amby Burfoot Runner's World - April 2004

here" is a phrase that is supposed to be comforting, but according to this article, that wasn't an aphorism any runner came up with. This brief essay on what makes downhill running so hard started ou ...

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Bless Me Ultima: The Theme Of Evil

You can't judge a book by its cover. This aphorism has held true for countless people over the centuries. A person can never be truly judged b ...

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Rules To Live By, Persuasive Essay

e teens must prepare themselves and follow a few "rules of life". Two very important rules or aphorisms that play a large role in the life of a teenager are the acts of sincerity and to live a b ... way you would like to be treated" is a very meaningful quote and refers significantly to this aphorism. All teenagers must posses the quality of sincerity if they want to get through the many ad ...

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Howard's End

ges and the events occurring as two very different families collide, this phrase has evolved into a aphorism fully comprehensible and infused with meaning."Only connect the prose and the passion, and ...

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The Virtue of Ben Franklin

say something, then you should speak up right away and say it if it is important.One of Franklin's aphorism is "Quarrels never could last long, if on one side only lay the wrong." What Franklin means ...

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Imaginative Journeys

ne always seems to know and can rely on. Or I suppose I could come up with a witty and entertaining aphorism or maxim. But once again my brain is immovable in its' contumacy, and I'm coming up with a ...

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Media Ethics and Tv

n is a legitimate aspect of the report. The BBC executive who heckled a BelI speech by reciting the aphorism that journalism should hold a 'mirrar to nature' is summarily dismissed on the grounds that ...

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