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west Asia has an eclectic mixture of landformsCoastal PlainsMountainsDesertsPeninsulas and WaterwaysArabian PeninsulaSeparated from Africa by the Red SeaRed Sea covers a rift valley (long thin valley ... Red Sea covers a rift valley (long thin valley created by separating plates) by the movement of the Arabian plateDifferent Mountain ranges that separate it: Zagros, Elburz and TaurusPersian Gulf is on ...

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The Geomorphology of the Moon Mountain Area We started off

ery recent event. The pre-rifting stage commenced with an asthenospheric hot spot forming under the Arabian plate. Asthenospheric hot spots are areas underneath the lithosphere where molten rock build ...

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Earth's crust is in a state of dynamic equilibrium

he Nazca plate, the Scotia plate, the South American plate, the Cocos plate, the African plate, the Arabian plate, and the Indian plate. Each plate is in motion relative to its neighbours, resulting i ... s a continuation of the African Rift and forms the valley through which the River Jordan flows. The Arabian Plate is sliding past the Israeli Plate, and this is where the transform fault lies.A hot sp ...

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