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A 6 page double space paper I had to do last year in MS1. The assignment was to pick 3 USA branches and state why I'd want to chose them as a career.

David CharlesMS 1100Career Branch ChoicesSpeaking as a newly appointed second lieutenant in the US Army, my three choices of main service would be quite varied. In no particular order they would be A ... dure the rigors of flight and have next to perfect if not better than perfect sight. The mission of Army Aviation is to find, fix and destroy any enemy through fire and maneuver; and, to provide comba ...

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Flight Engineer Instructor

e unit Mission Essential Task List. This is the main part of my job; the position is located at the Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF), Training Operations Branch at Ft. Indiantown Gap. The purpose ... y tasks I have to do for my job, other parts of the job is to be a salesperson for the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, a mechanic on the aircraft, and a teacher.The main part of the job is to serve ...

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Negotiating in Army Aviation

Negotiating in Army Aviation is rare. It is hard for me to even think when a negotiation took place at my workplace ...

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Hideki Tojo

“The Razor”His dads name was Hidenori Tojo, who was a Lieutenant General in the Japanese army. Hideki had two brothers unfortunately they died before Hideki could meet them. Tojo attended m ... to. They had three sons and four daughters .After his marriage he first started out in the Japanese army as a second Lieutenant in the infantry. Over the years he moved up the ladder in the ranks. He ...

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