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Personal Seat Licenses

-art facility has grown dramatically over the past decade. As the pressure rises on intercollegiate athletic programs to raise as much money as possible, universities have been depending increasingly ... ports, and the colleges have seen that. It just makes sense it would filter down to intercollegiate athletics. The concept of PSL's has been spreading through collegiate athletic departments over the ...

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HIgh School Athletics

The truth of the matter is, I really don't have any problem with high school athletics. Not in theory, anyway. Of course, I don't have much trouble - in theory - with Communism, ... particular metaphor, because it doesn't always hold up. For example: unlike Communism, high school athletic programs are not an evil empire that forcibly seizes control and threatens the rest of the ... lution . . . ok, well, maybe that was a bad example . . . Here, then: unlike Communism, high school athletic departments in general have not sent countless millions of their citizens to die in overcro ...

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The Inequality of Sports

been reserved mostly for men; however, women have been pushing more and more for equal funding for athletic departments in schools, endorsement deals, and the development of professional leagues. And ... e several factors that lead me to say this. First of all, at the highest levels of every sport, the athletic abilities of women and men are, to say the least, incomparable. This in turn leads to the f ...

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Athletic Compliance Jobs

Athletic Compliance Jobs�AbstractThe following paper is a research paper looking at current c ... te sports. This research paper will be structured around the investigation of two different college athletic programs. The investigation of both compliance job opportunities will be outlined by a deta ... takes to acquire and maintain a job as a collegiate compliance officer.Compliance JobsThe job of an athletic compliance officer is both multifaceted and important to the wellbeing of college athletics ...

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