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Aristotle's Poetics. It examines and explains an excerpt from the philosopher's work. The essay examines the way in which tragedy works and affects its audience, according to Aristotle.

would act in a given situation. A good tragedy's central goal is to invoke pity and fear within its audience, causing catharsis, or the purgation, or purification of emotion through vicarious experien ... ." Thus, this "action," the plot, becomes the vicarious experience which will essentially cause the audience's catharsis. The plot must follow a certain structure in order to achieve its purpose. It m ...

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This essay is an annotated bibliography discussing tabloidisation of the media resources.

me about by linking their beginnings to ancient folklore and urban legends. She argues that today's audience for the tabloid media is not given enough credit. She states that audiences are better educ ... ugh credit. She states that audiences are better educated and more aware than commonly thought. The audience does interact with and contributes to the tabloid media - they aren't simply passive. She s ...

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Eating Disorders and the Media

at this media influence over people has always been observable (Miles, M., 1995). This targeting of audience members serves the purpose of singling out the most desirable consumer for the product to e ... s always the exception to the rule. The problem could lie in the media's willingness to subject the audience to any means necessary in order to turn them into consumers or in individual's inability to ...

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A Middle Class Person Can Be a Tragic Hero

, and eventually dies. The tragic hero's death is supposed to affect the entire population, and the audience members are supposed to feel sympathy for the tragic hero since they believe a similar fate ...

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Media, short essay but good

to subvert the interdependence, integrity, and ability of the media, and a sense of respect for the audience members. (Graber 26)In order to conform to these Democratic Expectations, the media present ... was also Division between the media elites and ordinary people. There was a lack of interest among audience members and there were constraints imposed by the political and social world. (Graber 26)Sh ...

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Text from a dramaturge notebook on the play "mother courage and her children" by Bertolt Brecht

ea of alienation. Unlike in dramatic theatre where the action on stage depicted as life itself; the audience of epic theatre must regularly be reminded that they are watching a performance. For the au ... s shattered during the performance of Mother Courage by the use of theatre in the round. Having the audience members visible to each other during the performance is a simple device used to remind them ...

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The review of the shining

s to help it out. Kubrick's strategies involve a radical and extreme involvement on the part of the audience. At every crucial point in the film we as audience members are given moments to reflect, to ... n with its hinges now on the other side of the doorframe. "Now here," Hallorann says to his captive audience, "is where we keep all of our meat." Winking at us, the narrative has made a direct connect ...

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from the public because of what she has done. She explains how negative the expressions by quoting audience members of the Phil Donahue show "Murder," a man shouted. "God help patients who get you fo ...

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Many young dancers and their parents are attracted to the ballet with thanks due to cheers from the audience members, the bright lights, the shiny sequins, the colorful and fancy tutus, along with the ... 83).Eating disorders will continue to be an ongoing problem for dancers and society. Until dancers, audiences, and society as a whole accept a healthier outlook, dancers of all shapes and sizes will c ...

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of virtual reality gaming. By the end of the film, appearing to portray a paradox of reality, many audience members leave this movie with a 'what just happened?' feeling, but after a more analytical ...

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Analysis of "paradise package" By Geraldine Brophy

rker side of marriage but also the high that is new found love. Although it is written for an older audience, and the younger audience members might not fully grasp the political implications, they wi ... o meet and fall in love during the play also have a 20 year age gap. This also puts the idea to the audience that not everything is what it seems, and you should never take someone or a group of peopl ...

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How Currency Works

Audience Analysis SummaryBeing a finance and entrepreneurship major, I overestimated the audience's ... 's financial knowledge. Originally, I had planned on speaking about hedge funds. After reviewing my audience surveys, however, I realized that a more comprehensive financial topic would better suit my ... elate to and benefit from.General PurposeTo informTopicHow currency worksSpecific Purpose- To teach audience members about the purpose of currency; about the development of currency over time; and als ...

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Analysis of a Concert: Classical vs. Popular

s Conductor Marvin Hamlisch exploited Gershwin's "An American in Paris" and "Rhapsody in Blue." The audience members at this classical show were probably there for many reasons. First, many of them ar ... events are put into a category of intellectual, culturally sound and upper class Americans. Perhaps audience members were not rich or intellectual but if they are seen at an event like this they can f ...

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The End

m, Jackson uses one scene as a means of symbolic narration to successfully portray subconciously to audience members, the final outcome of the movie. The particular sequence chosen by Jackson f ... vie, and is used to suggest that life is continuing to exist beyond the life of the girls which the audience sees portrayed on the screen. Voice overs are also used to add emphasis to the story ...

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The Big 6 Media Conglomerates

r company has the capacity to use the same pieces of information and alter them slightly to fit the audiences of different networks and media. Because there is less competition over media space, and b ... r media space, and because the use of a single perspective might be considered more cost effective, audience members are unable to witness as many unique perspectives when watching television or liste ...

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he performers present a wide range of emotions from one part of the show to the next that makes the audience members crave for the next emotion. It is a definite attention getter and everything includ ... getter and everything including in the show, such as props and the performers themselves, makes the audience a part of the show.From the moment an audience member enters the theatre, he is welcomed wi ...

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Set Critique of Talk Radio

en of a set. It is composed entirely of a desk with microphones and chairs. But that just helps the audience to step out and become part of the play as well as showing them some insight into the way B ... that needs to be left up to your imagination. What you see is what you get. That helps to bring the audience into the production and make you feel like you are there. What adds to this effect tremendo ...

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Critique Of The Miser

came out into the crowd. All of the movement kept the play alive and dimensional. I liked that the audience members were included and that the characters actually spoke to us. I thought that the enti ... tually spoke to us. I thought that the entire play up until the denouement was intense and kept the audience in suspense. However, I was a little disappointed with the ending. I feel like whoever was ...

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Was this play worth performing? With out a doubt, this play was a great reality check for the audience members. The play allowed us to travel to a dark scary place and return without a scratch. ... elf. Watching these three carrying out the same sinful acts in hell as they did on earth, makes the audience think about themselves and maybe how vulnerable people are and the little time we actually ...

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Talk Shows

ge for them to do the show. They try to do what the can to make the guests feel comfortable but the audience has a lot to do with them also.The audience members are a part of the talk show as well. Th ... They sometimes are the ones that make the guests feel like they are a bad person. The people in the audience stand up throughout the show and make fun of the guests on the talk show. And most of the t ...

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