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This is a satire newsletter. The theme is over exagerated beauty pageants.

Hi there Texas Beauty Pageant moms,First, congratulations to Kailly Jameson. Kailly was crowned Miss Fun Texas last ... the lake.-Dance-a-thons, Your daughter will dance for hours. Great fun and exercise.And, what would beauty camp be without beauty advice?Your beautiful daughter will learn how to make herself even mor ... er, You won't recognize her when she comes home with bigger, blonder hair and a whole new attitude!-Beauty tips, What "red" is the right shade for my age? It doesn't matter, the more make-up the merri ...

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MY ROOM...this essay is a creative writing about my room.

h picture is trying to stand out and be more noticed than the rest as if they were all running in a beauty pageant. The walls are all neatly dressed with their own unique outfit of posters and picture ...

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Why Children should not be in Beauty Pagents

ing to be the next "fill-in-the-blank." This is just an average day in the life of "child stars" in beauty pageants that began in the 1960's. They consist of modeling sportswear, evening attire, dance ... e the world on vacation and get to know other kids at school and while playing outside. Children in Beauty Pageants are caused by assertive parents and grow up with psychological tribulations and ther ...

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Losing LaRae!

ost all little girls are. I remember when she and Jasmine were about four years old, they were in a beauty pageant and being the two little angels they were had a disagreement and LaRae slapped the fi ... er came out I could not believe what was on the front page in color, Jasmine and LaRae in all their beauty and glory.The last weekend that LaRae was at the house was the day before she died. I never r ...

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Beauty Queen

perfect and, I was sure, the only solution to all my troubles.It was a flyer announcing an upcoming beauty pageant, Ms. Apple Valley. Imagine being queen of the city! I could be a real princess. Becky ... a hotel room for the three day competition didn't pass once through my mind. I had never been in a beauty pageant before, so you could hardly blame me. After roughly twenty minuets of day dreaming, I ...

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Gender Stereotypes

Two of America's most popular rituals are beauty pageants and football games. Emma Knight, a former Miss USA who wrote Miss USA, and John McMu ... !, explain about the significant symbols, which are now tradition in our country. Both football and beauty pageants exhibit masculinity and femininity and put people on display. While at the same time ... layers exploit femininity and masculinity to an extreme. Knight states, "I was considered old for a beauty queen, which is a little horrifying when you're twenty-two. That's very much part of the beau ...

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Eating Disorders

arance has also changed. More desirable is the slim and fruitful woman. Models, media, advertising, beauty pageant winners, magazines, and celebrities have noted this change. The problem with this is ...

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Miss Wyoming

d because Susan mysteriously disappears.The title character Susan Colgate, grew up competing in the beauty pageant scene. Her mother Marilyn teaches Susan early on that winning is everything; there is ...

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s", says the writer, and also provides ten causes of "what she is really telling us". A beauty contest purpose is to sell an ideal that represent the "perfect woman icon in any culture" ... a fair complexion that either artificial or natural must meet the "official inflexible standard of beauty" which is usually matching the "white ideal". Mrs. Venezuela, the most famous in ...

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Trojan War

te. They all proclaimed themselves as the most beautiful of Gods and they decided they would have a beauty pageant to find out who was the most beautiful. They selected Paris, who was the son of Priam ...

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Comparison between "Putting Your Best Face Forward" and "Absolutely the Pitts: MTV's and Fox's plastic-Surgery Shows Mess with Face-and Heads"

w; "eighteen surgically altered finalists will compete against one another in a televised, two-hour beauty contest." (Elliot, 485) The second article also reveals this phenomenon about people's attitu ... t, 485) The second article also reveals this phenomenon about people's attitudes towards artificial beauty; "the winners go on to compete in a beauty pageant, where they'll suffer the same shallow and ...

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art I know I could do it, it would be such an honor.Maybe now, you have a better understand of what beauty pageants really are.

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When our lives take a turn in the opposite direction

n's shattered self-image is from her over-bearing mother, Marilyn, who forced her into competing in beauty pageants at the tender age of six. Within the beauty pageant scene, Susan won a few trophies ...

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Beauty pageants should be banned

By: Diana LariosTopic: Children Beauty PageantsGeneral Purpose: To PersuadeSpecific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience that ... rpose: To PersuadeSpecific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience that I'm against the children beauty pageantsCentral Idea: So what happens at a beauty pageant? What is it? Essentially a beauty p ... sts have portions of that focus on talent and interview, but a majority of the points come from the beauty and grace of the contestants as well as their outfits. Contestants try to sway the judges by ...

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Beauty Pageants: Banned

ybody in the audience who wants to look or snap a picture due to the lack of clothing on them.Child beauty pageants are dangerous because of how they specifically expose girls to pedophiles. Most page ... er. According to Christine Tamer, the counterfeit attractiveness and sincere vulnerability of child beauty queens appeal to child molesters. Young girls cannot fight back too hard against a man paying ...

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