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Silk Screen

Its warm and cozy near the fireplace. The softness of the black leather sofa adds comfort to the warmth. Sally's crouched up on the floor in front of the fire ...

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The Magical Night.

hing incredible would take place if I were present, so I talked myself into going. I was wearing my black leather pants with a white dress shirt and sporting a new hairstyle, short but not to short. I ...

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Rock Music

rock.When people think of rock and roll they often think of heavy metal. They imagine the people in black leather with piercing and tattoos all over their body. Heavy metal gets very little air play o ...

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Movie Review: "The Thomas Crown Affair"

ning half of the movie, she is shown in long and short skirts. The main material of her clothing is black leather. She is shown in three separate shots wearing fur collars. This would imply elegance a ... wearing fur collars. This would imply elegance and femininity, as well as wealth and status. In the black and white ball scene, she is dressed in a transparent black sequin dress with a red wrap. This ...

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My First and Only True Love

lking. The man of my dreams was walking towards me with a big smile on his face.He had short jet black hair with beautiful light brown eyes; he had a small nose but it was cute. His lips were full ... ready to meet mine. His ears were the perfect size for me to nibble on them. He was wearing a long black leather coat that hid his figure. I couldn't tell much with the coat on, but what I did see wa ...

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Being A Millionare Isn't For Me

as me who had answered that last question correctly in that seat, instead of sitting in my favorite black leather chair that faces the television at a perfect angle. I would have done anything to be t ... nives and pierced them into my heart. Slowly I pulled away from the officer, and walked towards the black leather chair. The officers followed me. They asked if there was anyone they could call. Even ...

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Original Writing

sleep himself.Drax, the only one out of them that was a human, but his family was warlocks. He wore black leather boots, with black trousers and a red sleeveless t-shirt. His hair was all spiky. Drax ... as pure muscle, and his skin co lour was red. He wore a gold necklace in his father's name. He wore black shorts and shoulder armor. Grognight had a long sword, which was made by the dwarfs. It was sp ...

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The Facility

guns, all of them heavily built and wearing dark green, military style clothes. The doctor, wearing black, leather shoes, black trousers and a long, brown coat, gestured them to lower their weapons, a ...

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Not Your Parents

et. "We like to dance and it's our kind here," said the 22-year-old immigrant as she readjusted her black leather miniskirt and beaded jacket. "It's a club about us." The clubs provide modern American ...

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ng heavy on the steering wheel and every tear she sets free slides down and glides around the sleek black leather circle; always disappearing before it reaches her jeans.She lifts her head trying to c ...

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ocks and tight fitting gym wear, The men were usually dressed up with t-shirts that were rolled up, black leather jackets with the collar turned up, and a accessory must have was a black comb for the ...

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gh school , college , and whenever we're loooooking for a workout we just slip into something sexy( black leather thong and triangle bra for me and anything flashy for Leonardo.We dance 'till the sun ...

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a particular girl is a groupie is the way she dresses. Usually wearing a very tight (sexy?), short, black, leather mini-skirt with a fitted small, and equally tight tube top, the groupie exudes "good ... the groupie exudes "good times." Moreover, her normal attire for her long (long!) legs and feet is black, fish-net French stockings. And ridiculously spiked heel shoes. The accessories she wears with ...

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