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No Coins, Please

eldon, who was always jabbering on and on about his old friend, Pete Ogrodnick.Howie, a tall, thin, blond, with glasses who seemed to be on the respective side.Nick, a boy that would go through life b ...

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All Dyed Out.

dly enough, individuals with different colored hair have a different amount of hair on their heads. Blonds have the most reaching as many as 140,000, red heads only have 90,000, and black haired and b ...

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More Harry Potter Fan Fiction From Yours Truely!

. After his wife had waved her husband out the door, she returned her attentions back to the 50 lb, blond, screaming, and in her opinion adorable, 1 ½ year old struggling to free himself from h ... es and long, shiny red hair. Sitting next to her was her seven year old sister Petunia. Petunia had blond hair and pale blue eyes; she was also rather small and bony. She looked up at her big sister." ...

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Portrait of a Lady

nched open to reveal a slight, delicate looking girl, possessing a small, fair face framed by loose blond strands.She presently introduced herself as Pansy in a voice perfectly befitting her name - ch ...

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Beauty Queen

t know what she was saying at first then I realized she was talking about me! "Janice Schindler has blonde hair and blue eyes ,she attends sycamore rocks elementary school and is in the 4th grade..."I ...

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Who am I?

f. Or I can choose to be ignorant of the multi-cultural relational advances and end up marrying Mr. Blond hair, blue eyes, like my parents would like. The first response, while becoming more common wi ...

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Human's progress in biotechnology

What would you do if you were given the power to change your genetic code from brown hair to blond? Well, now you can do that thanks to the Human Genome Project. It is a source of hope to many ...

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The Mass

Third hour Date I chose to write about Dustin Scripture. Dustin is about five feet tall with blond short hair. Dustin is cool, smart, funny, sharing. Dustin is a wrestler who weighs 103 pounds. ...

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Biology Capstone Project

les react to the hair color stereotype. People often degrade or downsize people because they may be blonde, therefore less intelligent.Thoughts concerning brunettes and blondes and physical reactions ... were obtained and recorded. There was a test in which people had to answer with either brunette or blonde. Notes were taken at the mall on who was treated with more respect and who got more attention ...

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Midsummer Night's Dream: Play Vs. Movie

d imagined than Demetrius, because before actually watching the movie, I pictured Demetrius to be a blond. Therefore, an actor much like Matt Damon might've been better at this part; however, Christia ...

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Best Friend

As Mindy and I strolled to the dock, her long blonde hair flew gracefully behind her. As we kept walking, everyone?s heads turned and we both knew ...

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Been Robbed

e always there for you. They are your mom and dad. Some parents have gray hair, some lack or blond and some are bald. Some parents are young while others are old. Parents can be tall, short, sk ...

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Child Behavior

The way the boy behaved with other children was shown to me when he approached another little blonde boy who was playing in the sand. The blonde little boy was playing with a yellow Tonka truck, ... he blonde little boy was playing with a yellow Tonka truck, and the boy just walked right up to the blonde-haired boy, sat down, and grabbed the truck out of his hands. The blonde boy started crying l ...

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The Effects Of A Girl...

ir of Subcontrariety Walking through the lunchroom I see a queen and her two loyal servants. A tall blonde and a short blonde to the left and the right of her in which I have no interest. The brunette ... n't believe it would make a very good first impression to drool all over this poor girl. This short blonde made me oblivious to every girl on earth, including Ms. Queen. How could I even compare anyth ...

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Bill Haveron Dallas Texas Personal Narrative

hed twang can only be compared to a squeaky hinge that makes audible words. His major head of curly blonde hair, that looks greasy wet, is the first thing you notice about him. Sometimes it hides his ...

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Brothers and sisters

artburn I had. What was a surprise was that Matthew had dark brown hair. I had expected him to have blonde hair, because everyone in my husband's family has blonde hair. Matthew looked like such a lit ... was that Taylor, my daughter, on the other hand, was born with the slightest amount of peach fuzz, blonde peach fuzz. Taylor was almost one before her hair was long enough, and thick enough to get a ...

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The natural film vs novel

s corpulent, with a head full of red hair, yet in the movie she is a skinny, relatively attractive, blond. Thus, Roy's relationship with Iris in the book and in the movie is quite different. In the ...

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Cover Girls         When I was in first grade I wrote,

rade I wrote, in a letter to myself that "In the year 2000 I will be 17 years old. I will have long blonde hair, and a stamp will cost 25 cents " Prior to that letter I had been told by a peer that bl ... ecent into womanhood, a world of inadequacies. "If I have only one life, let me live it as a blonde", Betty Friedan quotes one woman saying in her literary work, "the Feminine Mystique " At the ...

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