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Discuss the influences on the development of the Panzer arm

mans, we must ask the question: who exactly in Germany created the Panzer arm? Hitler, War Minister Bloomberg, the Head of the Ministerial Office Reichenau and the Army's Commander in Chief Fritsch ei ...

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NY Smoking Ban The City That Never Sleeps: NYC Nightlife Bars, Restaurants and...uh...butts?

otect and to violate would be oppression"--Thomas JeffersonOne year ago New York City's mayor, Mike Bloomberg, and his city council approved an amended Smoke-Free Act to include no smoking in clubs, b ... ults? Is smoking on the sidewalk were kids can actually see them anymore healthier? So, using Mayor Bloomberg's rationale and that of his council...I am not particularly fond of transvestites. Maybe I ...

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Can we boycott MSN and Yahoo for helping the Chinese regime continue its ruthless struggle to cling to power?

logy from the West. The consequences have already been discussed in previous blogs. For this reason Bloomberg columnist William Pesek Jr. asks Chinese people to boycott MSN/Yahoo. He asserts that Micr ...

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Financial Management: IBM

1. Find an estimate of the risk-free rate of interest, krf. To obtain this value, go to Market Data [] and use the "U.S. 10-year T ... 5%.The Risk Free Rate of Interest known as KRF is 4.250% or 0.0425. This value wasobtained from The Assumed Market RiskPremium (Km) was previously given is the fi ...

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Smoking Ban Law in New York State

is always the first question that we all heard in a restaurant. Thanks to New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Gov. George Pataki that will not longer be true in the state of New York. On March 31, ... benefit every New Yorker" In the same way, second hand smoking is also dangerous according to Mayor Bloomberg. He believes that the new law will help people quit and can save an estimate of one thousa ...

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Spending Vs. Saving

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Negotiation Strategy

a bailout. The second article, "Saudi Oil Tanker Owners in Negotiations with Pirates (Update1)"  (Bloomberg, LLP, 2010), shows the negotiations between the oil tanker owners and the pirates that hav ... French risk management company, said by phone from Paris yesterday. ``They are sitting on a bomb'' (Bloomberg, LLP, 2010). The owners could use the threat of being caught or killed as a negotiating ta ...

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