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Richard Wagner's Anti-Semitism (Wagner:1813-1883)

im persona non grata in Germany." While this is true, what Dr. Seaton fails to mention in the short blurb about Wagner is his extreme hatred for Jewish people. It was not necessarily only the radical ...

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The Palestinians have the right to resist Zionism and the occupation of the rogue State of Israel.

This piece is not meant to be a 5 paragraph essay in standard form. It is an opinionated blurb.The Palestinians, as well as the non-Palestinian Arabs that resisted the Zionist dreams of mak ...

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Radical Islam: The New Nationalism.

ut detainees into eventually revealing information.At any other time in human history, such a minor blurb in an American publication would likely go unnoticed, or at least only noted in passing by Eng ...

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Just Crazy By And Griffith's

Good morning. When you pick up the book Just Crazy written by Andy Griffiths, and read the blurb on the back cover, you are immediately intrigued and curious of the contents. Instead of havin ...

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Diabetes Cookbook Review

icture on the front cover, that looked delicious. The last thing that made me read this book is the blurb because if you read it, it makes you feel hungry and kind of gives you the smell of your past, ...

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Communication and Gender

from little on that man and women communicate in a different way. Hasn't everyone read at least one blurb from "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" It seems like common knowledge and common se ...

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my life

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