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reek astronomer named Hipparchus in about 150 BC He ranked the stars he could see in terms of their brightness, with 1 representing the brightest down to 6 representing the faintest. Modern astronomy ... Hipparchus' 1st magnitude stars and ones much, much fainter than 6.As it turns out, the eye senses brightness logarithmically, so each increase in 5 magnitudes corresponds to a decrease in brightness ...

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"The Wild Duck" By Henrik Ibsen.

The fact that the lamps are dimmed is important and becomes symbolic. Just as the shade covers the brightness of the lamp, the truth in the play is also, at times, shaded. The darkened room, represen ...

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"The Story of an hour" by Kate Chopin show the readers the meanings of life and death

f marriage. For the first time, she no longer sees a world of restrictions but a world of color and brightness: " the trees were all aquiver with the new spring life. The delicious breath of rain was ...

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n some double-star systems, the stars periodically block each other as they orbit, making the total brightness we see vary. These particular binary star systems are examples of eclipsing binaries. Som ... e vary. These particular binary star systems are examples of eclipsing binaries. Some stars vary in brightness all by themselves. Sometimes a star actually periodically changes in size and therefore b ...

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Tidal Influences Essay on Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach"

each.1-Life is serene and the moon is centered over the Straights of Dover.3-France had a moment of brightness, but brief, before England once more is the major power of the world and in a period of t ... rated into the horizon.51- As Wordsworth gazed into the heavens, the stars lost a fraction of their brightness because of the magnificence of the full moon.55- As the Adventurers stood on the shore, s ...

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The radiance of integrity

There is no reason for the sun boast of its brightness, nor does an honest man about his integrity. If an honest man begins to boast about his i ...

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Lighting Units - their uses, pros and cons.

asically what we refer to the globe or bulb. They are identified by type and power consumption. The brightness of a bulb is referred to as the Wattage, which is a reflection of its power consumption.T ... ulbs look and are like average household bulbs yet are more powerful like Photofloods emitting 250W brightness.Majority of films use 3200K Tungsten lights, which are small and efficient. They can be b ...

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Shadow Blade (creative writing) Narrative

s was twofold: before a kill he would blacken his blade with the smoke from a candle to prevent the brightness of the steel alerting his victim. The other reason was the dexterity with which he wielde ...

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Reflective Novel Essay

of what "darkness" means. With that, however, hand in hand, each one also shows its own way of how brightness broke through to the situations where originally no "light" had been. This can be seen wh ...

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Social Reform

loped and an overseas empire established, but not all citizens shared in the new wealth, status and brightness.During the social reform of America, the Eighteenth Amendment was passed. This banned the ...

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Plato's "Myth of the cave"

himself from his chains escape from the cave and see the truth. He will at first be blinded by the brightness of the world. But after some time and effort, he will be able to see anything that resemb ...

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St Augustine's Theory of Illumination.

e exception of God. God is the intelligible light beyond all light and the primitive rich source of brightness that extends to all intelligence. There are different levels of reality. Hence the hierar ...

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Lighting Design.

t exclusively means electrical light. In little over a century, we have become so accustomed to its brightness, convenience, and practicality that it is almost impossible to create any interior space ... e job of one or two has obvious aesthetic advantages. If each light is of a relatively low level of brightness, the risk of glare is diminished because there will be less contrast between the light an ...

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What Process light goes through as it enters the eye travels to the brain?

your eye. The muscles in the iris help to protect the eye by expanding and contacting based on the brightness of the light in your environment helping you see much clearer in bright and dim light. In ...

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ther rabbits laugh at himSo he eats them allPERSONIFIEDAs the sun falls the moon gets out of bedThe brightness fades and the stars awakenDancing vividly in the sky aheadThe ocean speaks in a voice uns ...

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Life as a Button

from other buttons. Moments later a bright like was shone beyond my eyes and I was blinded from the brightness for a second. As my regain my eye sight in the corner of my eyes I saw a big black shadow ...

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about himself or if he lacked great sensitivity. A man who turns my dark sides of life into shinny brightness would be a man I seek. My greatest necessity has always been a hygienic environment. I ha ...

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A thorough expaination of how sunglasses work. Discussion of mainly 4 areas: Intensity Reduction, Thin-film Technology, UV Absorption and Polarization.

right color for your sunglasses lets them work better in specific situations.Intensity ReductionThe brightness or intensity of light is measured in lumens. For example, when you are indoors, most arti ... e indoors, most artificial light is around 400 to 600 lumens. If you go outside on a sunny day, the brightness ranges from about 1,000 lumens in the shade to more than 6,000 lumens on a large stretch ...

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Chinese Art

nds- like music. The strains in it are not hidden and add to it's beauty- like truthfulness. It has brightness- like heaven. It's firm substance is born of the mountains and the waters- like the earth ...

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Everyday Use

ie, the youngest, was burned as a child and has a bit of a limp. She is a little shy and knows that brightness has passed her by. Miss Johnson is the mother who is telling the story. She is a big-bone ...

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