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Lung diseases associated with smoking

Bronchitis,acute or chronic inflammation of any part of the bronchi and bronchial tubes. The bronchi ... es in the lungs that are attached to the trachea and carry air to smaller tubes in the lungs. Acute bronchitis is characterised by fever, chest pain, severe coughing, and often the secretion of a muco ... y the inhalation of irritant vapours or dust, or develop from an upper-respiratory infection. Acute bronchitis affects the branches of the bronchi and may develop into bronchial or lobular pneumonia. ...

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Bela Bartok

ved to be the cause of his shyness and distance from society later in life.Bartók contracted Bronchitis as a child and because of the illness did not begin speaking until age two. Pneumonia als ...

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Business problems, situations, and opprotunities that are ethical issues

nuisance; they are killers. For example, air pollution has been found to be related to deaths from bronchitis, heart disease, as well as emphysema, and several types of cancers. Studies by the Americ ...

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The Good and Bad Effects of Smoking

so many other people who disagree and say it has many curing properties. For example, a person with bronchitis from childhood accompanied by marked wheezing was told by doctors not to smoke. He was th ... tor that he used to be like him until he took up the pipe. Then he tried smoking and it reduced his bronchitis by far and reduced his cough. He claims that he is sure he would be dead long ago if he h ...

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Smoking and its effects

oved to cause lung cancer and cancers of the mouth, larynx, and oesophagus; chest diseases, such as bronchitis and emphysema; and to contribute to heart disease. Women smokers have a higher risk of di ... tacks.Lung Cancer - This starts with a smokers cough producing lots of phlegm. Chest infections and bronchitis begins causing the lungs to be destroyed.Some facts about heart didease and lung cancer:L ...

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Chronic Bronchitis

The disease chronic bronchitis is defined in clinical terms as a conditionin which a chronic productive cough is present ... rs (Egans p. 140). The definition also includes thereis no other known cause for the cough. Chronic bronchitis can occur withoutairflow obstruction. However, signs and symptoms usually only becomesign ... on. However, signs and symptoms usually only becomesignificant when there is an obstruction.Chronic bronchitis is more prevalent among heavy smokers.The most common sign of chronic bronchitis would be ...

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Why we must clean up air pollution, and not wait to evolve special lungs.

ngers range from eye, throat, nose irritation, allergies, upset stomachs, headaches, pneumonia, and bronchitis. In the year 1952 in London 4,000 people died in only a matter of days, this is called th ...

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Marijuana: Effects on adolescents + survey

cts like respiratory problems that result in daily coughing and phlegm which are results of chronic bronchitis. Smokers are also more likely to get lung infections like pneumonia. Marijuana has been p ...

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The Shocking Ectasy Of The Forbidden

tition separating the nostrils is eaten away-breathing is difficult. Oxygen in the blood decreases; bronchitis and tuberculosis develop. Good traits of character disappear and bad ones emerge. Sex org ...

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nt and appetite stimulant. Folk lore doctors made elixirs from the marijuana to be used for asthma, bronchitis, depression, gonorrhea, and migraine headaches. Although medical marijuana use was relati ...

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Work and labour

: silicosis, lung cancer, chronic obstructive lung disease, silica tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis and corpulminary (right-heart failure)." Dust to Dust. Many people were getting very sick ...

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nown poisons affect your normal development and can cause life threatening diseases such as chronic bronchitis, heart disease, and stroke.4.5 million kids age 12-17 are current smokers.More then 5 mil ...

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Family Dynamics : The Truth About Lying

Family: ?Thinking the shock might kill her, my aunts told her that he had moved to Arizona for his bronchitis?(5). In this case, the news of Jack?s death might have been such a shock to his mother th ...

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The Health Damages of Cigarette Smoking

.Outline ATTENTION-GETTING OPENER Lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease, asthma attacks, cataracts, bronchitis, and death, these are all the common effects due to cigarette smoking.PREVIEW Today I wil ...

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