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Damn the Torpedoes. Full Speed Ahead!

Gertrude Belle Elion met Leonard Canter, the love of her life, in July 1937, when she was 19 years old and full of bubbly charm (1). ... emotherapy, and antiviral pharmaceuticals possible.More than 300 love letters, written by Elion and Canter between 1937 and 1941 and discovered after her death, cast new light on how she developed the ... hy that enabled her to overcome personal tragedies and the lack of a doctoral degree.When Elion met Canter, he was a handsome and brilliant statistics student at CCNY. Smitten, Canter saw in the redhe ...

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Bone Growth

will proceed to get harder and ossify. To be bone caller and periosium and the primacy ossification canter. Next the blood vessels and secondary ossification starts. Then Medullar cavity and last all ...

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gent and harsh, and some that are really wishy-washy and too lenient. Personally I believe that Lee Canter's positive reinforcement and assertive discipline work best for the entire spectrum of studen ... in what they learn whether it be from studies of science and math or in how they learn and act.The Canter model of assertively taking charge is based off of observing not only classroom management sk ...

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son expresses how she is one with the horse. Descriptive Imagery phrases such as, "I'd straddle and canter him fast" give us the sense of the speed of the horse. We can witness the idea of "play" thro ...

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Teaching Students with Special Needs: Behavior Management

t model of co-operation though communication""The Deiker's model of confronting mistaken goals""The Canter's model of Assertive Discipline"Out of the nine models, the three models "Skinners model of s ...

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