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It's in his mouth, a study on Chow Yun-Fat

ever seen himon the screen. Comparisons sometimes help, so how about this:Chow Yun-Fat is the Asian Cary Grant. He makes everythinglook easy; there are always other actors chewing the sceneryin Chow's ... good in an expensive silk suit; helooks good with nothing on at all. And it all seems soeffortless.Cary Grant, but there is more: in one scene from Prison onFire, Chow is Cary Grant taking a dump. He ...

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Thornhill, From Business Man to Hero in the 1959 movie "North by Northwest"

om Business Man to HeroIn the 1959 movie "North by Northwest," the main characters Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) and Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint) go through a transformation of personalities and roles ...

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Alfred Hitchcock Biography Essay. 860 word summary of Hitchcock's life, his achievements, and his death.

. Although at times very difficult to work with, Hitchcock has a spectacular mind and vision," said Cary Grant, shortly after playing Roger Thornhill.Hitchcock continued to make films as an older man ... been influenced by the Master of Suspense. Hitchcock worked with some of the finest names in film: Cary Grant, James Stewart, Ingrid Bergman, and Grace Kelly to name a few. Some of those peoples' car ...

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The Aweful Truth w/ Cary Grant -- brief analysis of the film - lighting, acting, directing, dialouge, etc.

unny film. Sound made everything great. It was a great surprise to actually hear a character speak. Cary Grant played an excellent role in this screwball comedy. The film is the epiphany of screwball ... have changed my mind on the best movie that we have seen from The General, to now The Awful Truth. Cary Grant made a great performance, and sound greatly helped the movie. I feel that if this was a s ...

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Film review of Frank Capra's "Arsenic and Old Lace"

cter that you grow attached to during the film, everyone can relate to Mortimer Brewster, played by Cary Grant, and finding him-self unknowingly in the middle of an uncomfortable situation. This is wh ...

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Arsenic and old lace movie review: "Bitter Sweet"

was not going bad enough, his older brother Jonathan shows up at the house to hide from the police.Cary Grant played Mortimer Brewster in this thrilling suspense movie. His reactions to the events oc ...

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Hitchcock’s Obsession With Poison

any of his characters onscreen can be seen drinking, as some may even appear to be alcoholics (e.g. Cary Grant's character in North by Northwest). So how does this obsession of Hitchcock's relate to t ... b in a glass of milk near the end of the film to suggest that it was indeed poisoned. In that scene Cary Grant is shown carrying this glowing glass of milk up a flight of stairs, while darkness engulf ...

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Mildred Pierce Describe the film "Mildred Pierce" as a film noir that has been influenced by both the maternal melodrama and the remarriage comedy

the narrative. In “The Awful Truth,” for example, a screwball remarriage comedy starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne, Dunne’s character is representative of the fun and free world Grant ...

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Asahi Glass

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