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The sun The sun is a star. It is the

e outer most layer of the sun is the Corona it is 1,700,000 degreas clceas. The middle layer is the Chromosphere it is 27,800 degreas clceas. The next is the Photoshere it is 6,000 degreas clceas. The ...

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escriptions and also contained facts and vivid pictures of different regions of the sun such as the Chromosphere, Photosphere, and the Core. Enchanted was used for researching the depth o ...

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Layers of the Sun

e of the gases, the process is used in as well even though it is only 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.The ChromosphereThe chromosphere is made up of a 2000 km thick layer of gas surrounding the photosphere. ... is layer heats back up to 50,000 F and the energy of the sun is still being moved by radiation. The chromosphere looks similar to photosphere but on a much much larger scale. The larger scale is calle ...

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