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Audio Format Wars

wo formats competing to be the consumers next choice for sound on the go. They are Philips' Digital Compact Cassette (DCC) and Sony's Mini Disc (MD).What exactly is digital recording? The definition i ... und present in analogue recordings.In the Eighties, a Philips invention captured the limelight. The Compact Disc introduced us to a new era of digital sound, or 'perfect sound.' In the nineties anothe ...

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The importance of planning

rs arised.The market was, and still is, alive because of the continuing audio developments. Radios, cassette players, CD players, DAT players, minidisk players, etc. give rise to even more sales.In th ... duced the notion Hi-Fi (high fidelity) just to make clear how far the development had come.When the cassette tape was introduced in the 1960's, many problems were solved. Now it was possible to produc ...

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en I first picked up a guitar, I wanted to remember certain parts to a song so I recorded them on a cassette tape with an old recorder I picked up at the flee market. Soon I started adding more instru ...

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The Handmaids Tale -historical Notes

been published as a manuscript titled The Handmaid's Tale. Her story was found recorded on a set of cassette tapes locked in a trunk in Bangor, Maine. During the speech, we discover that the Gileadean ... of the map of the world. Professor Pieixoto's speech touches on the problems of authenticating the cassette tapes. The first section of each tape contained a few songs from the pre-Gileadean period, ...

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