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Science of Sunlight and Stars: Case Study

ded into three parts. Starting from the center and moving outwards is the core, radiative zone, and convection zone. The core primarily consists of 40% of the Sun's mass in 10% of its volume. The core ... e energy giving the Sun its shine.The solar envelope consists of the radiative zone followed by the convection zone. The solar envelope makes up 60% of the Sun's mass, but takes up 90% of the Sun's vo ...

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Layers of the Sun

can take over 170 thousand years for the core energy to make it's way out of the radiation zone.The Convection ZoneNext in line is the convection zone. The name for this zone comes from the new proces ... ew process the energy needs in order to get it to the next layer. This process is, of course called convection. Due to the fact that this layer is much cooler than the two previous layers, only two mi ...

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