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Diplomatic Immunity

nflict, deciding on how much humanitarian relief will be sent to a nation, or just being present at diplomatic dinners and ceremonies. These people have been the vital link between nations, and they h ... at the embassy, it is evident a small drug trafficking ring was being protected under the guise of diplomatic immunity.HISTORY/DESCRIPTIONThe international community has tried to develop a universall ...

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Tells what diplomatic immunity is and how it works.

What is diplomatic immunity? Basically, it allows representatives of foreign countries to work under the law ... work under the laws of their home nation while in a host country. ( Diplomatic Immunity was first introduced at the Vienna Convention that took place in Vienna on April ... Why can't immunity be used in this way and not for letting diplomats get away with crimes?Diplomatic immunity was implemented because it enabled diplomats to perform the duties assigned to t ...

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Problems of a Red Passport: How Diplomatic Agents abuse immunity- Criminal Jurisdiction and why it is justified.

ation and advice for the formulation of policies towards that host country; in a time of increasing diplomatic activity, this scope will most likely continue to expand in a globally interdependent wor ... nformation, taking over traditional means of dialogue and personal communications, but the range of diplomatic activity is continuing to evolve, requiring a greater obligation for diplomatic agents to ...

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Immanuel Kant VS Canada's Liberalism

ed her friend while driving under the influence of alcohol, he was not charged in Canada because of diplomatic immunity (Canada 2001 ¶ 10). In 1996, Olexandor Yushko, a Ukranian Councellor escape ... ng, assault with a weapon or conspiracy to commit a crime should apply to everyone equally, despite diplomatic status.Second, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives minority rights authorit ...

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