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The feud between East and West Coast Hip Hop Culture.

ap's defining characteristic since the 1990s has been violence, the earliest forms of hip-hop music discouraged violence in any form (D. 27). For example, a DJ and rapper by the name of Afrika Bambaat ... of breakdancing and MCing. In 1969, a Jamaican immigrant named Clive Campbell performed as a DJ, or disc jockey, in New York City. Campbell would later come to be known as DJ Kool Herc, as well as one ...

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Marketing plan for a Nightclub

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music industry major was about she told me to set up a meeting with someone at Student Services to discuss what I might decide to do. Crouse is the center for where all academic offices are in ... he possibilities at school, when I came home for Thanksgiving it was time to have that dinner table discussion with the family. They were actually a lot more understanding than I thought and were stil ...

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Are botellon and rave partyes the same?

or any spacious public place to have alcoholic drinks and talk before entering nightclubs, pubs or discos.In difference of this, Rave Parties are dance parties that feature fast-paced, with repetitiv ...

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Disc Jockeying

A Disc Jockey, also called as a DJ is the person who unites the art of mixing music while producing a ... ntroducing and playing popular gramaphone records. These records, also known within the industry as discs, were jockeyed by the radio presenters, therefore the connotation of disc jockey was soon to b ... long with them in vans from party to party.2.Club Dj' s - DJ's who play (are residents) of clubs or discotheques and perform within the specified area.3.Bedroom Dj's - DJ's who do not perform outside ...

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Hip Hop Is Art

ieroglyphics on the walls centuries ago by Egyptians. These writings have been studied for years to discover the Egyptian culture, however, modern day graffiti writers are considered to be vandals and ...

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as V-103 and had a urban contemporary hits format. In the later part of the seventies V-103 played Disco type music and in the early seventies before it was know as B102.7 or V-103 it was WCAO-FM and ...

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David Jones

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Payola: The Dirty Side of Popular Music

ered enough from pop crooners that adults listened to teenagers could embrace as their own. And the disc jockey with his energy, his jive lingo, his knowledge of the latest goings-on, was an entertain ... nagers, like Todd Storz in the Midwest and Gordon McLendon in Texas and the Southwest. In 1957 they discovered that it was possible to improve ratings by programming the same hit selections over and o ...

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The Good War- Book Review

e of the University of Chicago in 1932 and then from the Chicago Law School in 1934. He worked as a disc jockey, a radio actor, a television mc, a sports commentator, and a radio host of his own show, ...

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How To Scratch Records

wrong with this interpretation but it suggests that there is little scope for variation. When first discovering the art of scratching many people are surprised at the multitude of variations derived f ... h pattern or by slowing down the movements until you have the pattern fixed in your head. Don't get discouraged if your first attempts result in utter chaos. Stick with it and you will be surprised at ...

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Hip hop history

ve Campbell) started experimentingwith two turn tables, an idea that he borrowed from the down town discoclubs, he came up with a new technique that he called the "merry go round",which consisted in o ... during theinstrumental breaks on arecord.What made Kool Werk sounique was that insteadOf playing disco, He playedFunk music. music that wasNot heard on radio.The break beats had so muchRhythm that ...

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Scorned Death

on a peremptory explanation which escalated to a vehement dispute.The next day, I reached school, I discovered that malicious remarks and rumors about me had surfaced, surpassing the principal's aware ...

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Hip Hop Culture

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