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Explore the methods Williams uses to create dramatic tension for an audience in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'.

Williams creates dramatic tension in 'A Streetcar Named Desire' through the interactions between the important charac ... lanche becomes apparent and the unease is developed further.Although Williams successfully achieves dramatic tension in the play, he does not use Acts, but divides the play into eleven scenes, perhaps ... oes not use Acts, but divides the play into eleven scenes, perhaps because he was unable to sustain dramatic tension for the length of a conventional Act. However, as with all of the scenes in the pla ...

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An inspector calls, analysis of end of act two

Looking again at the end of act two, how does Priestley make the ending scene dramatically effective?At the end of act two, Priestley uses several techniques in order to make the ... nd Eva. This breaking down of the walls, the dismantling of the false sense of security adds to the dramatic tension of the scene.In dismantling the sense of security, Priestly uses irony. These ironi ... ene.In dismantling the sense of security, Priestly uses irony. These ironic situations make it more dramatic by creating possibilities of suspense. For example Mrs Birling says, "drunken young idler" ...

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Explore Shakespeare's Use of Soliloquy in 'Othello'. What is their Purpose? How are they Useful in Putting Across what Dialogue Cannot?

and villain, which heightens the intensity of the drama. They are also a source of a great deal of dramatic irony which increases the dramatic tension for the audience. In 'Othello', the use of solil ...

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How does the David Williamson use conflict as a way of exploring ideas in his play, 'Brilliant Lies'?

ing principles, opinions or natures. All plays must have a central or series of conflicts to create dramatic tension in order to engage their audience. Playwrights use these conflicts and the evolving ... dience's reactions to his exploration of conflict between men and women.Williamson uses a realistic dramatic style and everyday language and action set to the topical issues of "Australia in the ninet ...

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In what ways does Shakespeare in Act 1, Scene 1 introduce dramatic tension and some of the key themes of "Romeo and Juliet"

den love, fate and destiny. The prologue is important as it introduces these key themes and creates dramatic irony. It is introduced by a chorus - to give us a commentary and summary of the action. Th ... ther hand used only the language he wrote down and the space on the stage in front of him to create dramatic tension and hold the audience's interest.Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" originated from a ...

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What is the significance of Nora slamming the door on Helmer at the end of the play?

dpoint of feminine individualism.The final slamming of the door at the end of A Dolls House is very dramatic. A good deal of the rest of the play is, though, very discursive, and this is one of the ha ... and this is one of the hallmarks of Ibsen's realist drama from his middle period. There is a lot of dramatic tension and excitement in the whole of the play, the tension builds up as the play goes on. ...

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Macbeth - Supernatural Theme and its interrelation with plot of the play.

resence of supernatural forces in William Shakespeare's, "Macbeth," provides for much of the play's dramatic tension and the mounting suspense. Several supernatural apparitions throughout the play pro ... vision of Banquo's ghost at a royal banquet only drives him closer to insanity.Macbeth has changed dramatically as a character throughout the play. Macbeth was tortured with remorse after Duncan's mu ...

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"An Inspector Calls".

the Inspector begins his questioning of Mr.Birling. I feel that Priestley is successful in creating dramatic tension in this scene in a number of ways.The characters themselves; how they see themselve ... wn.' It is Mr.Birling's reaction to the Inspector's control of the situation that successfully adds dramatic tension to the scene.The language and style used by Priestley also affects the dramatic ten ...

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Why is the play "Macbeth" so concerned with images of "fair" and "foul"?

er through the fog and filthy air." Throughout the play, the contrast between fair and foul creates dramatic tension. It links the witches to Macbeth, represents Macbeth's inner moral conflict, and sh ...

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Themes in chicago hope - tribu

s us involved and interested in the show - the music that is playing in this scene also adds to the dramatic tension. The next part of this story line sees Margaret talking about how she knows abit ab ...

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A Romeo and Juliet performance review

at produced last years smash hit "The Outsiders", could produce something so lacking in everything! Dramatic tension was non-existent and the cast had the audience bored to tears in minutes!Lighting w ...

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Macbeth By William Shakespeare, Influence of the witches and supernatural in Macbeth

are made the influence of the supernatural element on both the course of Macbeth's downfall and the dramatic tension of the play significant.The fact that the Witches open the play is not only visuall ... t wondering if they have already placed a supernatural charm on him. The "fog' in the chant is also dramatically interesting for the audience as it contradicts the opening stage direction, "Thunder an ...

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'Silence is pouring into this play like water into a sinking ship' (Samuel Beckett on Waiting for Godot). Discuss 'silence' and sub-texts in modern drama

h generations of theatre. Their use of sub-text infiltrates the dialogue whilst silences add to the dramatic tension and underlying meaning of the plays. Each dramatist uses both techniques to serve t ... de aware of the unspoken meaning.BibliographyPrimary WorksBeckett, S., Samuel Beckett; The Complete Dramatic Works (London, 1990)Chekhov, A., Chekhov: Plays (London 1993)Pinter, H., Harold Pinter: Pla ...

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Discuss what the various responses to omens, nightmares and other supernatural events show about the struggle between fate and freewill in Julius Caesar?

ice, Calpurnia’s dream and the presence of animals and Caesar’s ghost. These events build dramatic tension throughout the play, illustrating the struggle of fate versus freewill.The Roman ... encounter with the Soothsayer. He warns Caesar to ‘beware the ides of March.’ This builds dramatic tension, as while Caesar can ignore the prophecy claiming, ‘he is a dreaming,’ th ...

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The Editing and Film Style Of Hitchcock

As a result, the films of Hitchcock can be regarded as unpredictable, exciting and they are full of dramatic tension.Evidence1. Rear Window---------POV of PeepI think that the POV shot is the main way ...

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