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Scopes Monkey Trial

New inventions were beingintroduced to the public. Relaxed morals left behind the prim attitudes of earlier times.But some things could not be easily changed. Science could not change religious belief ... the ButlerAct. It did not succeed. On January 14, 1927, the Supreme Court in Nashville revisedtheir earlier decision. The jury must set the fine if it is above $50.00 and the Butler Lawstill remained ...

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"FOREIGN TRAVEL" - This essay tells the great use of foreign travel.

Traveling between distant places was difficult in the earlier times. It was uncomfortable and time consuming but it was the only way to get from one place ...

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What is History.

story is a way of remembering the past, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes as people of earlier times made and plan for the future. Through the mistakes of people from the past, we can lea ...

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On the history of the Catholic church from Rome, Byzentine to monestaries.

5th Century: The Rhine and the Danube rivers formed a northern boundary of the empire. In earlier times, they had stationed soldiers on both sides of the rivers and built walls. Gradually, t ...

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This essay discusses why technological exploration is more important than the exploration of the 1500s.

n medicine enable scientists to develop the latest and finest ways to treat and prevent disease. In earlier times there were no medicines, even for the common cold. Technology has allowed doctors to d ...

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Crime Laws

story there have been many ways of dealing with members of society that have disobeyed the laws. In earlier times, methods such as exiling criminals out of their land or direct forms of punishment suc ... ion through values and education they received in prison. This process is known as reform.As stated earlier, the original purpose of the prison was to only punish those offenders of society. However, ...

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Greek Gods

they worshiped mars and asked for victory in battle.Mars was the sun of the supreme god, Jupiter.In earlier times Mars was the god of agriculture.Greek counterpart = AriesPluto played an important rol ...

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Basic Greek History

lture. The mountains, which surrounded Greece, gave them the advantage of being well protected.From earlier times, the Geeks lived in independent settlements, and they were isolated from one another. ...

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"Money" -What is money, how is it changing, and what do you think it will be in the future?

ally useless within itself. However, people believe that money has value. It's all in a promise. In earlier times people used to barter, or trade one item for another, but they needed something durabl ...

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How far do fate and destiny play their parts in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

so one can not help but hope that Fate will be thwarted. Fate, rather than being personified as in earlier times, is given power and substance through cosmic imagery. So from the outset, fate deals t ...

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Maori Tapu - its significance The Tattoo (Ta Moko)

re private and public. Private tapu concerned individuals, and public tapu concerned communities.In earlier times, tribal members of a higher rank would not touch objects which belonged to members of ... iests. In 1772 the French explorer Marion du Fresne was killed for breaching a particular "tapu".In earlier times food cooked for a chief was tapu, and could not be eaten by an inferior. A chief's hou ...

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Discuss the reasons why Great Britain was the first country to industrialize?

e Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution grew gradually out of the technical practices of earlier times. The first country to be affected by the Industrial Revolution was Great Britain.First ...

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What is total war? discuss with reference to world war one and world war two

wars. Before 1914 wars only affected the army and had no change on the lives of ordinary people. At earlier times small professional armies fought the wars, which means that all the men were especiall ...

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Catherine, Frederick and Louis - Unenlightened Despots in an Enlightened Age

ians as a time of intellectual and social advancement, an era of optimism and freedom unheard of in earlier times. The era of absolutism is seen as a time of mounting liberty that contributed to the r ...

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Catherine, Frederick and Louis - Unenlightened Tyrants in an Enlightened Age

ians as a time of intellectual and social advancement, an era of optimism and freedom unheard of in earlier times. The era of absolutism is seen as a time of mounting liberty that contributed to the r ...

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of the Culture.Although known and visited by traders from the Persian Gulf area and East Africa in earlier times, the Seychelles Archipelago first appeared on European maps at the beginning of the 16 ...

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cost. However, at the same time, it has caused people to become more impersonal with each other. In earlier times the major way of communication was for people to visit each other and go to public mee ... uch as faxes, pagers, and E-mails. Although seemingly making life easier, each help to decrease the earlier forms of communication. In some businesses, E-mail is the main way of communica!tion because ...

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on was held on three successive mornings of the festival. Three tragic poets, who had been selected earlier in the year, each presented a tetralogy, consisting of three tragedies and a satyr play. Add ... rote the plays, composed accompanying music, directed the production, supervised rehearsals, and in earlier times acted the role of the protagonist. The choregus, who paid the cost of the production, ...

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Cities, The Hub Of American Culture

The low-income residents were affected the hardest by the unprecedented urban growth. During earlier times low-income families would live in small wooden hovels in alleys and back streets or th ...

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Improving Society

from them and will continue to do so if something isn't done. Not as prevalent as it was in earlier times, discrimination is still a major problem in society. For example the Columbine school ...

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