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Cogniton and Marxism

years of writing, Karl Marx's ideas were similar to American Pragmatism, especially his ideas about epistemology. He defines truth in a pragmatic fashion and explains cognition in terms of practical n ... of his ideas were not followed to their logical conclusion, nor made sense, the fundamentals of his epistemology containvaluable ideas which can be viewed as furthering pragmatism as a respectable phi ...

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The Sceptical Argument. Can it be defended, perhaps in a limited form?

ow.The sceptic in challenging the possibility of knowing anything challenges the basis on which all epistemology is based. It is from this attack on epistemology that the defence of scepticism is seen ... erson, Great Britain: Methuen & Co. Ltd.Dancy, Jonathon (1985), An Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology, Great Britain: Basil Blackwell Ltd.Descartes, Rene (as translated by E.S. Haldane and ...

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"Trifles" summary

if not all) of the authority. However, as is the case in the story Trifles, masculine authority and epistemology (source of knowledge) is not always correct in it's viewpoints. Instead, the viewpoints ...

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Life Course Case Study

y which lives are changed by changing environments. Life-course studies emphasise the importance of epistemology in the study of society. Thus, collecting information on the four interrelated dimensio ...

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"I had been hungry" by Emily Dickinson.

can literature and art followed the Enlightenment period. Enlightenment's highest values concerning epistemology, aesthetics and human behavior were reason, success, reality, progress, and the clarity ...

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Kierkegaard vs Sartre: An Existentialist Approach.

n have significant differences in the way in which they view all fields of philosophy (metaphysics, epistemology, and axiology). However, though I am not personally an existentialist, my life in terms ... onship with, God.Another subdivision of Kierkegaard's objective uncertainty dealt directly with his epistemology, in truth. He wrote "Truth is subjectivity," meaning an individual has its own final de ...

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Describe the main features of qualitative research and compare the advantages and disadvantages with experimental research.

een the methodology of relativist qualitative and experimental research, reflecting their different epistemology's (what can be known about human behaviour), via issues of validity, reliability and ge ... ), via issues of validity, reliability and generalisability.In accordance with a logical positivist epistemology, experimental researchers argue that social behaviour is an objective, independent real ...

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WVO Quine: Two Dogmas of Empiricism. A summary of Quine's problems with Carnap's philosophy.

esses what he views as problematic claims made by Carnap. The first problem Quine has with Carnap's epistemology is about his definition of state-descriptions. The problem is in two parts: first Quine ...

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Berkeley's Theory of Immaterialism

m of the ancients gave wayto the more liberal views of the modernists, two main positionsconcerning epistemology and the nature of the world arose. The firstview was exemplified by the empiricists, wh ...

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Skeptic Approach to Socrates' Knowledge about Knowledge

nes 476d to 478e, Plato's main characters Socrates and Glaucon have an interesting discussion about epistemology. The argument in this passage serves to prove that knowledge and opinion are not the sa ...

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Prosper or Perish? The Fate of the United Nations Post Iraq 2003.

aced with a determined, self-interested powerful state. The project shall predominately take on the epistemology of the realist tradition for assisting the exploration of this study, which shall provi ...

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Descartes philosophy of 'How much We Know'. How can you be sure as Descartes wanted to be about what you know?

Descartes epistemology rests heavily upon his methods of doubt and foundationalism. He insists that the custom ...

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John Locke Biography.

rnment are the basis for the principles used in the American and British constitutions) and for his epistemology, which is the central focus of "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding." He never wrot ... nts are more likely to start reading his work because of his importance in political philosophy and epistemology than because of his ethics, but as they discover his ethical views and find them congen ...

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Does the fact that we might be deceived by an evil demon mean that we actually do not know anything?

It is the main task of epistemology to deal with some of the most fundamental and difficult questions of philosophy, namely ... justify this knowledge as being actual knowledge? In attempting to give answers to these questions, epistemology finds itself in a permanent battle with scepticism which often rejects possible solutio ... 1968Gettier, E., "Is justified true belief knowledge?", in Analysis, Vol. 23, 1963Grayling, A. C., "Epistemology", in N. Bunnin and E. P. Tsui-James The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy, Blackwell, O ...

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Plato - "The Republic" - Explain and Evaluate Plato's theory of knowledge.

as one of the most important contributions in philosophical history - particularly to the field of epistemology. Plato uses three powerful metaphors to explain what knowledge and goodness are: The si ... , the image of the divided line, and the most famous of all, the allegory of the cave. The study of epistemology is primarily concerned with what knowledge is, how it is obtained (if at all), and the ...

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Jain Epistemology

According to Jain epistemology, reality is multifaceted (anekanta, or 'non-one-sided'), such that no finite set of sta ... ed nature of the real, every object is in one way F, and in another way not-F.One problem with this epistemology is that it seems to be self-defeating. If reality is multifaceted, the doctrines that u ... is that it seems to be self-defeating. If reality is multifaceted, the doctrines that underlie Jain epistemology are themselves equally tentative. The doctrine itself must then fall short of complete ...

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Plato's Divided Line of Being and Knowing

The left half is dedicated to metaphysics (the study of being), and the right half is dedicated to epistemology (the study of knowing). Now imagine a horizontal line running through the middle of the ...

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Methodology and Diversity

nowledge of how knowledge is gained."What uniquely characterises a scientific approach is a certain epistemology, or way of validating ideas." (Eichner A. S, 1983, page 207).Therefore a set of rules h ... . S, 1983, page 207).Therefore a set of rules have been evolved for stating what is false hence the epistemology of science, and this consists of a series of tests which will be explained further down ...

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Adoption By Homosexuals

line that presented in university curriculums comprising logic, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics and epistemology. Philosophy is mandatory in the French high schools, on hope that teenager will learn m ...

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of Citium, and later developed into a systematic body of doctrine, complete with a system of logic, epistemology, and cosmology, the Stoics were convinced that the universe lends itself to rational th ...

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