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Bibliography of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

Annotated BibliographyField Marshal Erwin RommelPrimaryGuderian, Gen. Heinz. Panzer Leader. New York: DaCapo Press, 1996. Panzer Leader ... e conviction to portray to the public what the North African Campaign was really about.Rommel, F.M. Erwin. Attacks. Provo, Utah: Athena Press Incorporated, 1979. "Attacks" is an important look inside ... , Utah: Athena Press Incorporated, 1979. "Attacks" is an important look inside the mind of pre-WWII Erwin Rommel. The accounts are of his involvement in WWI and gives the reader the methods and reason ...

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Erwin Rommel Bio.

with full-military honors and given a hero's farewell.BibliographyMartin Blumenson, "Field Marshal Erwin Rommel," In Hitler's Generals. Edited by Corell Barnett. New York: Grove Weidenfeld, pp.293-316

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The Von Stauffenberg Plot

000 people. Stauffenberg then became a staff officer in 1938 and joined the 10th Panzer Division in Erwin Rommel's Africa Corps. Stauffenberg had great reading habits and for that, he discovere ...

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Erwin Rommel

In November of 1891 one of the best Nazi leaders ever was born in Heidenheim, his name was Erwin Rommel. His parents' names were Helene and Erwin. In 1910 Rommel enlisted in number 124-infant ... t lieutenant. In 1916, Rommel got married to Lucie Maria Mollin in Danzig. That same year Lucie and Erwin had a baby boy. For eight years Rommel was the boss of a machine gun company. Rommel becomes a ...

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Normandy Invasion

tched over 6 miles and was the largest of the five assault areas. The Germans, under Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, had already built a formidable defense in which to protect the battlefield. The waters ...

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War at EL-Alamein

to 1943. The prize for the Axis (German and Italian forces under the command of the German general, Erwin Rommel) was Egypt and the Suez Canal. The destruction of the Axis forces in the Theatre was th ...

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A Clouded Future. This essay discusses the current United States Foreign policy and the effects it will have on the country in the future.

e sight of its goals, that of protecting the United States. Walzer later refers back to the case of Erwin Rommel, he states that "…and when he fought, he maintained the rules of war. He fought ...

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Patton vs Rommel

While going through readings and researches about George Patton and Erwin Rommel, every time I thought about how to contrast the two greatest Field Marshals of World Wa ... Allies would never let George Patton go, while try to discover what made the Germans so attached to Erwin Rommel. Also, it will be my duty to choose which of these two Field Marshals would best guide ... ttacks, approaching from unpredicted directions. Logistics became a dilemma in the military life of Erwin Rommel during World War II. During his campaign in North Africa, many times he did not have en ...

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