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Notes from Business Data Communication Class, Local Area Network Technology. (download it is set up in a table)

CHAPTER 5OTHER LAN TECHOLOGIESLarge Ethernet networks, including:Hierarchical switch organization to reduce cost,Single points of failur ... reduce cost,Single points of failure,Workgroup versus core switchesVirtual local area networks and Ethernet physical layer standards.Wireless LANs Including:802.11 speeds802.11 access points and hand ... preparation using meshes and virtual circuits to reduces switching costsComparisons between ATM and Ethernet in handling brief traffic peaksLegacy LANs Including:token -ring networks and early Etherne ...

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d in 1997. The IEEE designed 802.11 to support medium-range, higher data rate applications, such as Ethernet networks, and to address mobile and portable stations.The three physical implementations ar ... X, a port-level access control protocol, provides a security framework for IEEE networks, including Ethernet and wireless networks. The 802.11i standard, also still in draft, was created for wireless- ...

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Network Topology

bus architecture, including one in the motherboard of most computers, and those in some versions of Ethernet networks.Bus networks are the simplest way to connect multiple clients, but often have p ... ibed as a "bus", as they provide the same logical functions as a passive bus; for example, switched Ethernet can still be regarded as a logical bus network, if not a physical one. Indeed, the hardware ...

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