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Ethnography of the Yanomamo

This ethnography is about the Yanomamö. Most people will think of these people as 'primitive'. But w ...

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FINAL PROJECT: A FILM ON HOMELESS WOMEN. how to create a film about homeless women. Ideas for the film. Cultural Anthropology class.

g, food, apartments and offers of jobs to these people.We decided as a group of 3 students to do an ethnography film on a group of homeless women. We are going to take 2 years to make our film. Our hi ...

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Ethnic groups.

n is dead (Cox (in press)). I will examine these kinds of challenge more closely in the contexts of ethnography in general and interviewing in particular.Ethnography has been described as the 'origina ... g to collect data in any way which may help to shed light on the issue in question (ibid). In early ethnography, when white Western researchers went to study black people in the developing world, ther ...

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This is about Birth... Description of the modern birth process as on that is ritualistic and shaped by a technological society.

In the ethnography, Birth as an American Rite of Passage, Robbie E. Davis-Floyd describes the modern birth ...

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The methods of research a sociologist uses depends above all on the topic being studied.

something; in particular, a group of people; is to use participant observation, this is also called ethnography and many argue that this is the best and most reliable method to research a group, it al ...

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Thing Fall Apart Last Paragraph analysis

very inconsiderate and knows nothing of the culture or the man that he plans on writing about in an ethnography that he is working on. Achebe writes an entire book on Okonkwo and I think that he is sa ...

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Ethnography capturing the essence of what was

nto this fascination with something natural that is unaffected by technology and "new world" views. Ethnography tries to capture the essence of what was. "Gesture of Self Protection" examined salvage ...

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Fieldnote assignment: Research and Writing

My first job as an ethnographer is to make a personal decision about my ethnography, whose starting point is where I will carry it out. I start off this assignment clueless ... without reference to it and other similar institutions.Further Questions; Of course such a limited ethnography also generates further questions beyond the remit of the original work...The need to ori ... earcher a glimpse into routines and self evidence such as that which I have gleaned from doing this ethnography. However having already acquainted myself and found my bearings with the physical surrou ...

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Tongan Migration: A Journey to the New World

l presents the several different causes that persuade Tongans to migrate to the US through means of ethnography over a period of several years. Around the 1960's Tongans started looking towards wester ...

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The Nez Perce: A History

spent three years in the field, living in makeshift cabins and tipis while surveying the land. Her ethnography offers a glimpse of a people undergoing a cultural and lifestyle change against their wi ...

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"Homeless in Lancaster" (Ethnography of a Subculture)

(Prompt) - Objective - Write an ethnography outlining a culture or subculture of local people in the area you live.My Observation, R ... the area you live.My Observation, Research, and Field Work of the homeless culture in Lancaster CA.Ethnography Essay 418 May 2005Homeless in LancasterThe homeless in Lancaster have a face, a name, an ...> 6 May 2005Ethnography Essay 418 May 2005Homeless in LancasterThe homeless in Lancaster have a face, a name, an ...

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Ethnogrophy On Hockey

Ethnography On The Game Of Hockey It started when I was only three years old. I entered into a large ...

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Ethnography On The People Of Lau

Mini-Ethnography on the People of Lau Lau consists of 100 small islands and reefs spread over 1400 square ...

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CIP And Anthropology

se studies for all four sites. Instead of spending three to six months at each site, as traditional ethnography might call for, Fetterman spent two weeks at each site every three months for three year ...

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Angels’ Town

Angels' Town is an ethnography of a Latino/a community just outside Chicago whereCintron's family lived while he was in ... on's family lived while he was in graduate school. In both its style and political commitment, this ethnography follows from Michel de Certeau's understanding of everyday practices. Like de Certeau, C ... streets Cintron discusses"”the bread and butter of cultural analysis.Cintron calls his work an ethnography of the "rhetorics of public culture . . . the structured contentiousness that organizes, ...

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Architectural or Geographical Research Essay//BSU Bronco Stadium

� PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT �1� Nikita MadisonProfessor NeuEnglish 10223 October 2007Ethnography: Boise State Football FansWhen you enter a crowd there is a certain tone to the environm ...

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t. History museums treat artifacts or objects as social documents, and are especially interested in ethnography and social history. Other museums, such as science museums and botanical gardens, focus ...

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Seven rules for observational research: how to watch people do stuff Observational research, ethnography, or, in plain English, watching people do stuff, seems to be hot these days. Newsweek to ...

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Qualitative Research: What is it?

ance of the results of any research study.There are different forms of qualitative research such as ethnography, case study, action research and evaluation. These methods may be used alone or combined ... es are listed below:•Biography: Narrative that describes the life of a single individual.•Ethnography: Provides a description and interpretation of social behavior of an entire culture or su ...

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Qualitative article critique

estigating the sensitive topic of student resistance (Russell, 2005:181). Spradley (1979) refers to ethnography as "the work of describing a culture" with the aims "to understand another way of life f ... lity, use of language, size and age to naturally blend in as a member of the studied group, because ethnography relies heavily on observations of interactions and interviews with participants in natur ...

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