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Michael Johnson

Have you ever wondered what speed you can run at? Have you ever wondered what speed the fastest human being c ... former high school and college coaches agreed the he was the most dedicated athlete that they have ever met. Although his dedication was so strong, his athletic attitude was different then most other ...

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Death of the Superstars

Death of the Superstars Have you ever wondered what it would be like to listen to some of the greatest music stars of our time. I'm t ... e like to listen to some of the greatest music stars of our time. I'm talking about the stars that never made it to full prominence. The list of players is alarmingly high and sad. The potential of th ... ng, is loved by millions of people around the world. Now I'm thirty years old and I personally was never a fan. I give my age because maybe it is a generation thing. Anyway. Elvis lead a life of exces ...

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Conflicts of a Madman in Poe's "A Tell-Tale Heart" Edgar Allen Poe

d maintain a balance, but sometimes this stability is lost and the "darker side" surfaces. Have you ever wondered what it takes to push someone over the edge? In Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart ... went to work"(34)! He takes great pride in his patience and stealth as he enters the old man's room every night for a week. "It took me an hour to place my whole head within the opening so far that I ...

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The Physics of Scuba Diving

The PhysicsOfScuba DivingSwimming with the Fish....Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim with the fish and explore the underwater jungle that cov ... it.Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, or SCUBA for short, is a hell of a lot of fun. However, there is considerably more to Diving than just putting on a wetsuit and strapping some compres ... g the underwater world, one notices new and different sensations as one ventures into a realm where everything looks, sounds and feels different than it does above the water. These sensations are part ...

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Impacts of early European contact with native North Americans

small rowboat and work there way ashore. The man in charged is named Christopher Columbus. Have you ever wondered what the impact was on the Native American population, when they first met the insatia ... ion that spread like wildfire through a population that had no immunity against it (Nash et al. 5). Everywhere the Europeans landed the natives were infected. It is believed that a 90 to 95% death rat ...

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How a Flashlight Works. a verbal desription of the anatomy of a flashlight.

How a flashlight workshave you ever wondered what makes a flashlight work?a flashlight consists of a lightbulb, a metal strip, a sw ...

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Title: Mans intellect vs mans unreasoning cardinality. Using the book "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, this is a character analysis of piggy and how he relates to social allegories.

EnglishMANS INTELLECT AND TECHNOLOGYVS.MANS UNREASONING CARNALITYCharacter Analysis- PiggyHave you ever wondered what true human nature is? Have you ever questioned your own nature as well as societi ...

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Why is there so little international news in the American media?

usual layout of news; local, state, national. No big deal, right? Well, I must ask you, haven't you ever wondered what's going on in other countries? What was the top news story in India today, or may ... ir reasons? Who knows? I know one thing - American news coverage is not comprehensive and it rarely ever shows news of the world unless it's, a) a catastrophic event, or, b) it has some sort of tie to ...

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The puritans

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live amongst the Puritans? Do you think you would be able to ... ating arrangements quite seriously and anyone who failed to stay in their assigned seats was fined severely.Since the services were so long people became fidgety and people may fall asleep. To handle ... p as a puritan was very harsh because there was a lot of pressure on you. ThePuritans believed that every Christian needed to know how to read. They viewed the Bible as the ultimate authority for ever ...

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Life on a space station

Life on a space stationBy: Ji Bin JingHave you ever wanted to go to space? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like in zero gravity? Astronau ... uld feel like in zero gravity? Astronauts are the lucky people who actually live out this dream. However they need to undertake training and cope with difficultly is space (i.e. How to go to the toile ... plete their tasks. Training can vary from fixing space stations to how to adept to zero gravity. However all phases of a mission including launch, docking to the space station, releasing satellites, s ...

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Control or Insanity in Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart".

s the narrator's raging and deranged language as he attempts to prove his mental stability.Have you ever wondered what it takes to push someone over the edge? The narrator's obsession with the old man ... he old man's "Evil Eye"(1207) has driven him over that edge. His need to "rid myself of the eye for ever"(1206) was how he would regain control over his own mind. But, one could argue that he was stab ...

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Edgar Allan Poe

he compelling work of word-art titled "The Raven" or heard the name "Edgar Allan Poe". But have you ever wondered what drew fame from this extraordinary literary idol of the 19th Century? Edgar Allan ... him besides the fact that I loved his work. I have enjoyed reading the writings of Edgar Allan Poe ever since I discovered "The Raven" a few years ago in an anthology of famous poetry. Ever since tha ...

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How to Cater an Event

How to Cater an Event Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cater a wedding reception or another event? Well you can easi ... utterplates, salad plates, dinner plates, and dessert plates. Make sure that you have a few extraof everything. You may also need forks, spoons, and knives for each course of the meal.Then you can sta ... plates have been cleared before you start to serve dinner. When you are servingmeals make sure that everyone has a meal at one table before you go on to the next.After the meal has been served go arou ...

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Life in London in the 1600's

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in London in the 1600's? What did people learn? What kind of ... ndon in the 1600's? What did people learn? What kind of jobs did they do? I know you probably don't ever think about that, but maybe this presentation will leave you to walk away wondering: How could ... r, here is what a servant and a master should expect from each other. The good master is proud but never bossy. He is patient, ruling his household with fatherly care. He keeps his superior station by ...

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A letter to President: Lessons from Vietnam War and The Mistakes we should avoid in the future.

Dear President Bush,Have you ever wondered what can be more terrifying than a little three-letter word "War"? What can be more he ... kes? Why, seeing that we will have so many wars to come, cant we start taking care of it now? "Its never too late - never too late to start over , never too late to be happy." - says a famous quote by ...

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Physics in 3D Worlds - Relating Video Games to Schoolwork

Physics in 3D Worlds - Relating Video Games to Schoolwork Have you ever wondered what goes into the visual creation of those 3D worlds (and video games)? If you ever l ... le to tell that there are some identifiable 3D shapes (especially with the older 3D worlds). If you ever get the chance to see wireframes, you'd be surprised to see the whole 3D world without it's sha ... and 'glitchy'.To code what happens based on only what you see would be similar to animation, where everything seen is repetitively worked on, frame by frame. With animating, wouldn't you rather give ...

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Does The Media Generate Violence?

Have you ever wondered what your children are watching on television? I know that most of the time I spend du ...

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Chemistry paper on Phosphoric Acid

Have you ever wondered what makes that pleasantly tangy taste in your Coca-Cola? How about one of the chemica ... d in your fertilizer back home? Well that chemical happens to be Phosphoric acid, which is used in several household products. Phosphoric acid might have been in that bar of soap you used this morning ...

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ORIGINS AND HISTORYChristianity is a fascinating world religion that grows in importance everyday. There are many things about this faith that interests people around the world. For example ... oday's society makes the religion fascinating. When did this interesting belief all start? Have you ever wondered what happened if you lived when Jesus was around?Christianity started 2000 years ago w ... st, the only son of God. (1)" This statement of belief is used by Christians all over the world.Whatever the institutional form, the community of faith in the church is the primary setting for Christi ...

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Nature, Nurture, or Both

Have you ever wondered what makes someone incredibly smart while others may struggle to understand the simple ...

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