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"United Nations Stimulation"

ing to suggest new measures of human rights, challenge mistreatment ofwomen, promote democracy, and fight terrorism. The U.S. is able to instill influence in the U.N. because of their position as a pe ... but a unilateral push by the U.N. helped change Chinese policy on treatment of their citizens. The fight of the AIDS epidemic is also a fine example of U.S. enrollment of other countries in the U.N. ...

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Ethnic Profiling and Civil Rights

t out for everyone in the Constitution set by our forefathers. In any case, the use of profiling to fight terrorism cannot be justified by any means.Ethnic profiling is not only a political issue, but ... ountry protects itself. It'saviation security delegated to the airlines, who did a lousy job.It's a fighter aircraft deployment failure. It's a foreign intelligencecollection failure. It's a visa and ...

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A Feared PATRIOT This is an essay about the USA PATRIOT Act and some of its potential problems.

States to "level the playing field" with terrorists. However, in their zeal to enable themselves to fight terrorism, the leaders of this country have opened wide the door that leads to government powe ...

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Political Affiliation

s that should be addressed as well. One of the more recent problems is terrorism. Democrats want to fight terrorism through strong leadership. Diplomatic pressure on nations can work to flush out terr ... and cooperation of both political parties. V Terrorism is a part if hatred and we as people need to fight harder to abolish it. Both parties of the Democrats of Republicans are fighting this war on te ...

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The Patriot Act: Pros & Cons

rrorist acts against the United States. The law increases the powers of law enforcement in order to fight terrorism. Many people feel that the law is needed for the protection of the United States whi ... rom people debating over security to civil liberties. The Patriot Act changes many existing laws to fight terrorism but it greatly impacts many people. The excessive changes the Patriot Act makes are ...

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"Defending The Homeland" by Jonathan R. White

e national intelligence with the state and local police, (b) the need to increase administration to fight terrorism, and (c) the fact that the 4th Amendment with the American rights is being intruded ... the Criminal Justice System that we are facing today is the need to increase the administration to fight terrorism. We do not need to get the police officials to assist the Special Forces in fighting ...

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"Islamic views of the United States"

rder to have faith in themselves and succeed. D'souza is of the opinion that this will help America fight terrorism.A majority of terrorists today are Muslims who hate Americans; because they believe ... t stopped they will cause chaos. The United States also needs to convince other Muslim countries to fight terrorism by not supporting them. Get rid of the terrorists.Many terrorists and people around ...

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Evaluation of President George W. Bush's Patriot Act and No Child Left Behind.

ehind.The Patriot Act expands the authority of the United States law enforcement agencies to better fight terrorism. It increases the ability of law enforcement agencies to search telephone and email ...

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House Panel /Electronic Surveillance

t the bill. On the other side we are seeing the Republicans saying it will help the U.S. government fight terrorism. The bill will provide the U.S. intelligence agencies "greater agility and flexibili ...

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