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Ethan Allen and why he is an american hero

not be led by anyone other than their leader himself. When Benedict Arnold and Allen go to capture Fort Ticonderoga, Arnold takes a step back and let Allen lead, for he knew the Mountain Boys would r ... f history; this statement is undeniable. Although it is true that almost any force could have taken Fort Ticonderoga, it was Allen who sent his spy out to scout the fort and its status to minimize dea ...

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Benedict Arnold: Revolutionary War Hero?

After the start of the Revolutionary War, he became a colonel in the army and led an attack against Fort Ticonderoga with Ethan Allen in May of 1775.Later on, in September of 1775, Arnold led 1,150 me ... ommand of West Point in 1780, he planned to surrender it to Sir Henry Clinton, a British commander. Fortunately, the British Major John André, who was carrying papers for Clinton in Arnold's ha ...

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The United States Being Born

ook along Ethan Allen and the "Green Mountain Boys," and cut across the mountains to the undefended Fort Ticonderoga, and captured it. They then made their way to Massachesetts. At the same tim ... army to fight the British, and while they did this, the American patriots were making plans to put forts on Bunker Hill, on the peninsula across the harbon from Boston. But instead, on June 16th, the ...

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My Brother Sam Is Dead

rs in American colonies. The continental army won notable battles at bunker hill at bunker hill and fort ticonderoga.The continental army roused colonists feelings against them by waylaying and cap ...

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If French Had Won the French and Indian War

n Europe and North America.Each war ended with an uneasy peace. In 1754, a fighting broke out for a forth time. Once again, the Ohio River Valley was at the center of dispute. The opening shots of war ... ut to counterattack but Washington and his men quickly threw up a makeshift stockade. They named it Fort Necessity. British officials recognized the significance of Washington?s skirmish. While Washin ...

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Benedict Arnold, a Great General

der, but Benedict, a soldier in the militia, was disappointed when the French had already taken the fort William Henry. He would not be able to fight the French there any more. Even so, Benedict got h ... and went to debtor’s prison. Many people had to spend a long time in debtor’s prison, but fortunately for Benedict, he was released after six weeks. Benedict never learned from his mistake t ...

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Biography of General Henry Knox

is opinion on what the army should do. The thought of Knox was to use the cannons from the captured Fort Ticonderoga. Knox was commissioned a colonel, placed in charge of artillery, and given the task ... nd were able to retreat to Chester.2At Valley Forge, Knox was invaluable in organizing and erecting forts to safeguard the winter encampment from British attack. Knox was given permission to leave Val ...

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