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Jane Austin's novel, "Emma".

, for them over stepping their rank.Conversely Emma enjoys spending time with both Mr. Knightly and Frank Churchill, because in her view they are her social equals and so feels it wise to allow hersel ...

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A Transformation from Jane Austens "Emma" to Amy Heckerling's "Clueless"

ueless as the heroine is. For instance, many readers are shocked when the secret engagement between Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax is revealed. Clueless however is again more obvious than the ironic ... ersity to the mix. Examples include the orphaned Harriet Smith becomes a Hispanic transfer student, Frank Churchill is revealed to be gay, and Emma's best friend becomes a moneyed African American. Ho ...

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A character list of the major characters in jane austen's "emma" (emma woodhouse, mr. woodhouse, george knightley, harriet smith), supported with quotes

above his. It would be a degradation" (Austen 40). Her second big mistake is to not see through Mr. Frank Churchill's little game with her but keeps flirting with him without caring about him. Her las ... ious hints she misunderstands.Nevertheless, as the novel develops, Emma realizes her mistakes after Frank Churchill has finally admitted his secret engagement to Jane Fairfax. Even though the reader m ...

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Anaysis of the movie emma

lives and how they were presumed to live it. There were many contracting characters in this movie. Frank Churchill, Miss Bates, Mr.& Mrs. Cole, Mr. Fairfax, Isabella, Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Woodhous ... eir only motive was to find a good man to marry and make him happy. When Emma wanted top know about Frank Churchill she refuses to tell her much about him and Emma is disappointed.Miss Baits talks a l ...

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Very good notes on the novel "Emma" writtn by AJne Austen

rchill over the objections of her brother, and she died three years later after bearing them a son, Frank. Weston eventually gave Frank up to his wife's brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Churchill, t ... is wife, Mr. and Mrs. Churchill, to raise, as they had more money and could support him better, and Frank eventually even took the name Churchill. Mr. Weston purchased a small estate in Highbury. He s ...

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Transformation: Emma and Clueless "When you compared these texts and their contexts, how was your understanding of each text developed and reshaped?"

k of Mr Woodhouse and Ms Bates, whose conversations evolve around 'catching colds', 'the writing of Franks', and 'the weather', as well as Emma's own excesses.Clueless depicts a sexually freer and rac ... ed to the purely white, Anglo-Saxon retinue that populate Emma. The modernisation of Mrs Weston and Frank Churchill into the African-American Dionne and homosexual Christian indicates the presence of ...

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"Emma" / "Clueless" Essay.

too well of herself." These defects lead Emma to begin the novel misreading many situations such as Frank Churchill's affections. Jane Austen uses dramatic irony to expose Emma's misconceptions, satir ... whilst entertaining the reader by satirising Emma's self-worth. Emma's interior monologue analyses Frank's agitation as meaning "he was more in love with her than Emma had supposed", whereas the audi ...

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How Jane Austen's "Emma" misread the signs regarding Mr. Elton, Harriet and herself?

ement of Elton's character.To defend herself against Elton, Emma begins to think romantically about Frank Churchill, whom she has never seen. Emma's self-delusion and romantic fantasies are seen once ... r seen. Emma's self-delusion and romantic fantasies are seen once again. Although she has never met Frank Churchill, she imagines that she will fall in love with him simply because he matches her age ...

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"Novelists invariably write to convey their view on human nature and society." Use this quotation as a starting point to write about the thematic concerns of the novel.

one of the major thematic concerns in the novel. The view is expressed through Emma's dealings and Frank and Jane deception. Emma's dealings with Mr. Elton are trickery and not plain forward; she is ... lead to disastrous consequence and unhappiness for both manipulator and manipulated.The actions of Frank and Jane have similar consequences. Frank, in order to deceive others, have unwittingly caused ...

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Emma rightly argues that Mr. Knightley has a vastly superior character to that of Frank Churchill. Though Mr. Knightley does seem to exert his power to mold Emma into what he thinks ... towards good character. It also makes one think about the moral standards that one is living under. Frank and Mr. Knightley seem to have their own interests in mind, along with Emma, however, Mr. Knig ... , Mr. Knightley's interests are for the betterment of Emma.It is obvious that Mr. Knightley detests Frank Churchill from the very beginning. Mr. Knightley seems to feel that Churchill is being selfish ...

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Psychosomatic Illness In Emma

atirically in his opposition, for reasons of health, against a ball, and his eventual dissuasion by Frank Churchill?s persistence. In all of these scenes Mr. Woodhouse is made to look like nothing mor ... overness for the Smallridges, which is a major difference in station from the alternative: to marry Frank Churchill. Jane apparently suffers from ?severe headaches,? and a ?nervous fever,? as reported ...

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Emma: Learning By Humiliation

ever do anything to change herself. Emma's many miscommunications with Harriet, her situations with Frank Churchill and Mr. Knightley, and her attitude toward Miss Bates at Box Hill show Emma through ... of making mistakes, a large step in becoming a more agreeable character.Emma's situation with both Frank Churchill and Mr. Knightley humiliates her enough to allow her to see her mistakes. Because sh ...

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On Happiness in “Emma” by Jane Austen

s of happiness. However, due to admiration, love and influence she allowed to be used upon herself, Frank Churchill manages to hurt her in most unreasonable manners. He persuades her into keeping thei ...

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Comparative essay on Emma by Jane Austen and Clueless by Amy Heckerling

amily values are also presented with other families in the novel. The importance of the letter from Frank Churchill to his new step mother Mrs Weston shows the acceptance of her by her new family. As ...

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