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Should Music be Censored?

eople, such as Tipper Gore, the Vice President's wife, support censoring music . On the other hand, Frank Zappa, who has opposed censoring music, ridiculed Gore's assertion that certain types of music ...

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The First Amendment/censorship.

sville-- Barnette v. West Virginia School Board--Tinker v. Des MoniesV. The Censorship Issue--Music*Frank Zappa and the PMRC--Books--ObscenityVI. Closing RemarksAmendment 1Congress shall make no law r ... e's residents are primarily Jewish and many were Holocaust survivors. These were happy people until Frank Collin wanted to come to town. Collin, was the leader of the NSPA, The National Socialist Part ...

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"Synthesized Poetry" on the musical composition "Poème Électronique" by Edgar Varèse

other works are credited to inspire the development of rock-n-roll of the 1960's with the likes of Frank Zappa, Charlie Parker, and the Beatles (Russcol 65). The development of the "new wave" bands i ...

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Censorship in Music - This essay goes into the causes of censorship in music and also provides examples starting from the Middle Ages up to modern times.

f censors around the country.Fearing association with its theme, Mercury Records refused to release Frank Zappa's single "I Don't Wanna Get Drafted," in 1980. The morals of Provo and Salt Lake City re ... or Paula Hawkins, and Dr. Joe Stuessy spoke in support of regulating music, while three musicians - Frank Zappa, Dee Snider (of Twisted Sister), and John Denver - spoke in defense of popular music. In ...

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The Creative Use of Figurative Language for Shaping The Poetic Text.

ures of speech all the time, for effect and for emphasis. Here, in the following example, guitarist Frank Zappa describes his love of his instrument:If ever there's an obscene noise to be made on an i ...

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Steve Vai

s to seek his fortune.A year after moving to Los Angeles he came to the attention of gonzo musician Frank Zappa. Zappa was impresses by Vai's amazing technical ability and tremendous knowledge of Fran ...

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