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Sir Wilfrid Laurier - Prime Minister of Canada

Sir Wilfrid LaurierBy Ritchie RochaThe first French Canadian to become prime minister of Canada was Wilfrid Laurier. Although French was his nati ... ed to the Canadian House of Commons in 1874. There he rose rapidly to leadership. Although he was a French Canadian and a Roman Catholic, he was chosen leader of the Liberal party in 1887. Nine years ... ncerning his policies were thus sown on both sides of the wall that was rising between Canadians of French and of English descent. Another foreign policy issue arose as naval competition increased bet ...

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Evaluation of Sir Wilfrid Laurier

The English had no problem and had demanded that Laurier organize a formal military expedition. The French Canadians had not been so happy about this idea and many of the French Canadians supported th ... ers' right to self-determination. Laurier had to make a decision that would not alienate either the French or the English Canadians. Laurier was afraid that by sending reinforcements, it might lead to ...

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this essay will talk about the conscription crisis that happened in 1917.

ce. Of course, immigrants did not go because they had come from countries that were in war.Besides, French Canadians did not want to go to war, because Britain was demanding Canada to send more men. I ... a to send more men. In addition, Canada was following Britain in any war it would enter; therefore, French Canadians said that Canada would be against the whole world because of Britain. Furthermore, ...

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Ethnic and Linguistic Canada

stic CanadaCanada has long struggled with issues of ethnicity and linguistics as the nation's large French-speaking minority struggles to maintain its linguistic and cultural heritage. However, the Fr ... anadian census figure, almost one third of Canadians had an ethnic background other than British or French. This figure represented a 25-percent increase over that of five years earlier. (Statistics C ...

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Should Quebec (or other provinces) separate from Canada in order to best protect its constitutional rights?

for a long period of time. Most people in the world view that it is one of the component in Canada. French-Canadian and English-Canadian seem to live together peacefully without conflict, even many pe ... lticultural nation.Some people who agree Quebec to separate state that separation can protect their French culture and language. I think it is an unacceptable reason in a multicultural nation. Multicu ...

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Cheap Labour

s and is still occurring in the 90's. I will be discussing the different working mentalities betweenFrench Canadians and immigrants coming from various parts of the world. I will compare 'Voiceless Pe ... one, and White Niggers of America by Pierre Vallieres. White Niggers emphasizes on the mentality of French Canadian working class and Voiceless People emphasizes on immigrant's mentality towards worki ...

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Canada at War: 1914-1918

British-Canadian troops was extensive, thus the number of eager recruits dwindled. This was because French-Canadians were the group with the oldest ties to Canada, with the least emotional tie to Brit ... nt to join, since they felt and were unwelcome in the armed forces. Few of the senior officers were French-speaking: in 1912, there were only twenty-seven French-Canadian officers compared with the tw ...

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The Laurier Era

e Bill, and the Alaska Boundary Dispute.The Boer War was the first event to, in reality, launch the French Canadian Nationalist Movement because Quebec was inherently against fighting a war for Englan ... Imperial military system, then it followed that Canada should have a voice in that Imperial policy. French Canadians continued to believe that the best way to assist the Empire was to reduce its exter ...

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Laurier, Canada's loved prime minister. Did he help unite Canada as a nation or not solve any problems.

tly the creation of two new provinces because of increased immigration. Laurier acted fairly to the French and the British, being the first Canadian prime minister who was a French-Canadian. Not only ... ritish, being the first Canadian prime minister who was a French-Canadian. Not only did he help the French but he also helped the British. When in a British war we would send the Anglos. With this, he ...

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A Sign of Unity; write about the significance of the sign in the short story "Wing's Chips" by Mavis Gallant

focuses on three separate cultures, who in the end, learned to respect each other in a subtle way.A French-Canadian town is the setting for this short story. A river divides this town, with an English ... logically split at the start. The father has much more in common with the English than he does with French. First of all, because he is from England and the other parents had lived there as well. Sinc ...

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The Biography of Maurice "Rocket" Richard

ng. Through out the entire video the author shows how Maurice had a great impact on hockey, and the French Canadians. Marcel Couture a French Canadian, claimed "everyone would comb their hair, dress, ... mb their hair, dress, buy the same skates and sticks as Maurice" he was an idol for many Hockey and French Canadian fans. The author shows Maurice as an amazing person and player on and off the ice, a ...

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Jack Kerouac's "On The Road."

inant figure in beat literature. Born in 1922, in Massachusetts, Kerouac grew up in a middle class, French-Canadian environment. While his parents were struggling financially to make ends-meat, Jack w ...

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Causes of the War of 1812

itish were preventing American trade in Europe, because they were trading with both the English and French, while they were fighting the Napoleonic Wars. The United States was becoming more and more p ... ot an excuse but, the U.S. said they would trade with whoever removed the impediments to trade. The French said they would but never intended to and the British actually complied, so if the Americans ...

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we are struggling to pay off. Trudeau danced behind the queen of England, enraged and offended the French Canadians, signed meaningless treaties with the Native Americans, and doing so, he made a moc ... their language and want to be known as a unique society. Trudeau felt that the best way to make the French Canadians feel more a part of Canada was to create the Official languages act, where there wo ...

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Mardi Gras

istory of Mardi Gras Mardi Gras was first celebrated in the Christian countries of Europe. In 1699, French-Canadian explorer Sieur d'Iberville and his men camped out 60 miles south of New Orleans. In ... icipating organizations in carnival. Not all organizations are called krewes.12. Lundi Gras "“ French for "Fat Monday" the day before Mardi Gras. Zulu and Rex both arrive in the city that d ...

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Conscription In Canada

da Conscription made a significant change in the relationship between English Canadians and French Canadians. Their perspective and beliefs with this issue were in complete contrast. Because o ... . Their perspective and beliefs with this issue were in complete contrast. Because of conscription, French Canadians felt betrayed and disrespected. Conscription caused disagreements, as well as, viol ...

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Louis Joliet

hood. In 1669 he meet a guy named Jacques Marquette. After he meet Marquette he decided to become a French-Canadian explorer. In 1672 he was chosen to explorer the Mississippi River. June 17,1673-he e ... crossed Lake Erie in 1669 after the fur-trade was established. He explored Lake Erie when then the French and Indian war was going on. In 1669 he became a fur-trader in Lake Superior region. In 1672 ...

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if almost everything in "˜"˜Dr. Sax'' is about the author himself. Jack Kerouac came from French-Canadian family and spoke the Canadian French dialect which is the reason that in this chapte ...

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Duddy kravitz

farmers would be wary of a young Jsw, they might jack up prices or even refuse to sell, but another French-Canadian would not be suspected."(Pg.101) Duddy was a very dishonest person and there was not ...

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ve impact on Canada is that the conscription crisis put a strain on Canadian unity, and the English-French relations became even tenser. Conscription was first introduced since fewer men joined the ar ... scription was brought into place by Prime Minister Borden, men were forced to join the armed force. French Canadians were strongly opposed to conscription because they felt that this law was against t ...

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