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Review of Language: The purposes and diversities of a language, and what really separates us from the animals

g than any dog, cat or bird. In our language we have the ability to communicate in past, present or future tense because we have a sense of temporal passing. A dog though, will bark, communicating tha ... ons that he is currently feeling or current messages he wishes to express, with no reference to the future or the past. Human body language is equivalent to the wolf and its tail expressions. We can e ...

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CELTA, Written Assignment2

im again - is the conditional clause [If+ Present Simple].I'll leave the town - is the main clause [Future Simple will + infinitive].Conditional clause: If + subject + Present Simple verbMain clause: ... st conditional is used to inform about things which are possible to happen in the present or in the future => something that may happenCCQ: Are you going to leave the town if you see him again?If I ...

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AspectIn a sentence we need to specify the time that we are talking about if is in present, past or future.PAST TIME FUTURE TIME PRESENT TIMEFor example, in Spanish, we have to specify if the verb is ... MEFor example, in Spanish, we have to specify if the verb is in present (amo), past (amé) or future (amaré), but regarding to English it only has to tenses of the verb: present tense lik ...

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