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The Thatcher Years This essay is about the charismatic leader that took Britain by storm for over ten years and managed to crush the corrupt powers of the trade unions with her iron fist.

discord. For the next eleven years Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister winning an incredible three general elections. During this time, though, her style was anything but harmonious. This style and t ... rters. The leashing of unions began to produce prominent signs of economic efficiency: From 1973-9, general economic productivity amounted to 1% or so p.a. Since then productivity has doubled, and in ...

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Why has parliament (UK) been criticised for being insufficiently representative?

nd citizens living in each of them elect a member to the House of Commons. Almost all candidates in general elections belong to and stand on behalf of a party. The party that gains the majority in the ...

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Title: The Escape from the Boers. This essay describes an episode in Sir Winston Churchills Life. His trip to Africa in the Boer War.

After losing amiably in the 1899 General Elections, Winston Churchill knew better than waiting idly. He found another war to join. Th ...

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The stars in advertising

k by the charisma of stars. Such is the magnetism of celebrities in this country that in the recent general elections, major political parties fielded a record number of film stars and cricketers to c ...

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Assess the Extent to Which the Activities of Political Parties Enhance Democracy (in the UK)

Today in Britain, as in many Western countries, we have a representative democracy. This is generally viewed as opportunities for participation for the electorate in the form of general electi ... torate for its actions; if the party makes unpopular moves then it will not be voted in at the next general election. In Britain today, people also expect openness and information from the government ...

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Voting Behaviour

0s."What do you consider to be the most significant factors that determine the way electors vote in General Elections in recent years?Voting behaviour used to be very easy to determine. The deciding f ... , these are including in the manifesto, people seldom look at it. People are more influenced by the general policy of the party. The major party usually chooses several policy issues when the election ...

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Should Britain reform the existing electoral system for general elections?

he electorate, and call for reform of the plurality system. The current system of voting for general elections in Britain and Northern Ireland is called the plurality system. In order to win a ... arty can easily implement its policies without interference. When a political party is elected in a general election, they are given a mandate by the public to carry out the items on their manifesto. ...

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18th Century Politics

Split party "“ "FREE TRADE" · Out of date "“ "the stupid party" · Bad general elections "“ 1846 & 1850 · No election win between 1841 and 1874 People suggeste ...

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Short Snippet on The Winter of Discontent (Great Britain, 1978-1979)

ividual companies. More than one million workers went on strike, even surpassing the numbers in the General Strike in 1926. Although most of the issues were resolved, the Winter of Discontent the stri ... were resolved, the Winter of Discontent the strikes had a profound impact on voting intentions when general elections rolled around in 1979, bringing about the Conservative Party’s victory under ...

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Madrid and London bombing comparison

with clashing extremist views, ect.For the Madrid attacks, which occurred three days before Spain's general elections, there exist two theories as to who was behind the attacks and why. One idea was t ...

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British chartism

The outcome of the social revolutions of 1830-1833 left Europe in a general sense of discontent. Governments were doing their best to limit democratic movements by rest ... bers of Parliament, removal of the property qualification for the Members of Parliament, and annual general elections. The first five of these demands were granted (even though it took until 1918 to f ...

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Features and impacts of Thatcherism In UK

ny. But there have to be also something good in his policy, because Margaret Thacher win three next general elections and was the longest standing prime minister in british history at 20th century. Wh ...

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Are we witnessing the demise of the "Westminster model" in the UK?

nstitution is still flexible and the electoral system still produces disproportional results during general elections. A strict following of the model has ceased to exist since the 1970s, but despite ... ment all bare witness to this fact. The implementation of the first past the post system in British general elections ensures that coalition cabinets are very rare. Large majorities are achieved with ...

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Malaysia: Rule of Law and Independence of the Judiciary

s ranging from liberal capitalism, state economic intervention, to rentier arrangements."The recent general elections of March 8 2008 demonstrated the worst performance ever of the hitherto hegemonic ... Cambridge, said that it is a name commonly given to the state of affairs in which a legal system is generally working well, or as a vague description of the positive aspects of any given political sys ...

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Assess the Role of the Media

equires politicians to satisfy the audiences' interests of political issues ranging from results of general elections to every day political opinions regarding current events such as the terrorist att ...

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For business government and society

The 2011 Singaporean general elections serves as a clarion call for important changes in public policy. The Singaporean p ...

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