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300 - Film Review

Telling the story of the 300 Spartan warriors led by their almost immortal King Leonidas, played by Gerard Butler, as they stand up against the millions of Persians awaiting to conquer and enslave the ... on any film of any genre, and it never looked fake at all. The actors do well for their roles, with Gerard Butler as a very convincing heroic leader, even though he doesn't need to keep shouting every ...

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Law Abiding Citizen

ter his entire family is abused and slaughtered before his eyes. Clyde Alexander Shelton, played by Gerard Butler, was an average guy with an average life until an unimagineable tragedy. The justice s ... not so extreme, in fact, they lean the other way. I rather enjoyed most of the movie.Roeper says, "Gerard Butler, talking out of the side of his mouth to squelch his Scottish accent, is Clyde.", as i ...

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