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How the sight of colors can affect ones mood.

ample, a painting by Jan Van Eyeck (1434) shows a bride in the Renaissance Period wearing a gown of green to show her willingness and fertility to bear children. The Green Man was the god of fertility ... god of fertility in Celtic myths. In the present, American culture has changed the signification of green to "heightened sexuality." Green was a sacred color to the Egyptians representing the hope and ...

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Green Day Band Bio

Green Day's story starts back in 1972, the year that all three members were born. Billie Joe Armstro ... ke worked as a cook. The Sweet Children name didn't last long. In 1989, the boys renamed themselves Green Day, which was also the title of a little ditty they had written about one of their favorite p ... ittle ditty they had written about one of their favorite pastimes: hanging out and smoking pot. The Green Day lineup was rounded out by a drummer named John Kiftmeyer, a.k.a. Al Sobrante. Knowing that ...

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"The Jilting of Grandma Weatherall" and how modernism is used.

re-creating dramatic moments. Katherine Anne Porter writes "Such a fresh breeze blowing and such a green day with no threats in it." This referred to Grandma Weatherall on the day her groom left her ...

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Green Day: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Green Day is a California based pop-punk band consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tr ... 989, however, they added drummer Al Sobrante to their band and decided to change their band name to Green Day. After independently releasing their first EP, which was well received by the locals, the ... major hit thanks to the support of MTV. Dookie's successor albums were not as successful as it was. Green Day's next major hit album would not be produced until 2004 when they released their eighth al ...

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Talks about the music of Green Day, especially the literal analysis of the lyrics of their 2 songs- American Idiot and Jesus of Suburbia.

Tales of Green DayBack after filling the past 10 years with mediocre albums, Green Day's American Idiot snagg ... thing to do. People who are supporting George W. Bush's idea are all blindfolded by his propaganda.Green Day conveyed the message of intense dislike for war and President Bush by belting out "Don't w ... ernment would be the first one to detest this song.Setting the tone and the atmosphere of the song, Green Day vehemently spits out a negative critique of America and gears up to spit out more words of ...

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"Scattered," By Greenday, As Applies To The Chosen

Scattered, by Green Day: friendship theme of The Chosen I chose the song "Scattered," by Green Day, to explain the ...

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Life in High School

ities: Breathes Hot Topic, hates trends, has most tattoos and piercings (besides Goths), listens to Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and unknown bands, sick of society, skateboard, usually high intelle ...

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