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The Chicken

Sarah lived on a small farm in Ohio in 1959. She was nine years old, had brown hair and green eyes. Her mother raised chickens to eat and would sell the eggs. One day Sarah's mother gave S ...

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This is an essay on the person who has influenced my life the most. It is titled "The Ideal Woman".

ed would have been her striking physical beauty. She had short-sandy blonde hair and beautiful deep green eyes. Her smile was radiant, and her nose was very distinct in that it was elongated with a sm ...

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The story is about a young man who is abusive towards his wife, and how she rebounds.

the school. He had a full head of short dark brown hair that was slightly spiked in the front, deep green eyes, and a nicely shaped face. His body was buff and lean, and he was very athletic. Of cours ... ed with force. Everything has changed, and that amazing prince I once married turned into the slimy green frog he is today.It was Tuesday, one of the days he decides to come home. I am expected to hav ...

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Unexpected vampires at dawn.

e horror benumbs my body. Clara feels my nervousness and lifts her head. I look into her bottomless green eyes and it's as if I am drowning into them. But these eyes are definitely not a pleasant or c ... that moment they would wonder why I am staring like this at the nice little kitty with the emerald green eyes, purring softly beside my legs. I wouldn't be able to explain. We were friends only yeste ...

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The charley davison adventures.

y mom her name is Becky, but when I call her that her pale skin turns red like a fire truck and her green eyes shoot bullets, my dad says but I haven't ever seen bullets but maybe when I am bigger the ...

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"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and Ichabod Crane.

most loosely hung together" (994). He is also said to have a small, flat head with big eyes and big green eyes with a long nose. Crane is compared to a weather vane and a scarecrow. Due to his appeara ...

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A Descriptive essay on a girl worshiping God in her dorm room.

r her tiny ears; other strands, straight as a piece of paper, fall down her partly arched back. Her green eyes sparkle like the sun hitting the morning dew and in the instant before she closes them, h ...

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The Actress. Character sketch of a sad woman's life.

geous woman, simply magical,But pain buried inside made her fragile.Expensive clothes and beautiful green eyes,Sadness and tears she had to disguise.Always playing a role, to hide her pain,But anger i ...

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Character Sketch by Wafa Nurdin Brian Estardio

, relief collecting, abusive woman, Maurine O'Connor. Standing at a cool 6"3 and 179 lbs, Brian has green eyes, and brown, lanky hair. He has a wide face with a square jaw and hollowed out cheeks, due ...

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Sacred Ground

by a very public mistake of hers a year ago. Erica is a middle aged women with short brown hair and green eyes. She is passionate, considerate, outgoing, determined, and always lends a helping hand. S ...

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This is a creative writing piece about my friend almost drowning. It has four parts to it, each tells the same story from a different perspective.

is fingers against the controls moments before. Condensation appeared on the window, and the little green eyes continued to look onto the scene, helpless. "Mom, hurry! She can't swim!" Tears cr ...

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Designer Babies- Dare We Play God?

"How about this one?" women points to a baby profile on the screen. "Ugh. Its got my sea green eyes, but your sub-average intelligence. I've told you, our child must be genetically designed ...

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The islanders part 2

at little tramp, she stole my boyfriend! Look at her, with her strawberry blonde hair, and her fake green eyes! She even has her arm around him!" "Dude, I never knew you and Aaron, were a couple?" Jim ...

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A Vampire's Story part 1

I didn't see you there either."Chris studied the girl. She was about 5'6", she had blonde hair, and green eyes, she looked 16. The girl's smile got a little bigger. Chris could tell she was staring at ...

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A Day At The Park.

with a teletubby on them and a boy had a blue coat with Thomas the Train on it. One small boy with green eyes had a hat with a ball on the top. There were only two mothers at the park and seven child ...

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"A lover Last Gift..." : This is a dramatic play about lovers who can never love again.

"A lover Last Gift..."(This play has more pantomime than dialogue)Scene: A very green meadow in the valley of a very large mountain, the grass is tall and green reaching toward the ... s blue and cloudless.Characters:Rebecca: a very tall slender girl, she has long blond hair and deep green eyes. For years she has suffered through cancer and doesn't have much longer to live. She is t ...

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Her doll

blue eyes, and very tan skin. This is the complete opposite from Caitlyn, because she has red hair, green eyes, and very pale skin. Caitlyn's birthday is coming up and the only people she is inviting ...

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Creative short story about Aliens

lender Toorian; he had strikingly attractive features and a domineering presence. Slito had probing green eyes; the type of eyes that could see inside of one's soul to their inner most workings. This ... l Toorian's to have this ability, or of anyone as far as the Toorian's were concerned. Slito's deep green probing eyes were undoubtedly the reason for his rise into the political power of Toorie. Ther ...

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Short Story- Joey's life story

y was ten years old and in year six. She had shoulder length brown hair, her eyes were a mixture of green, blue and brown and she was five foot three in height. Joey's mother Gwen was forty-five years ... ot eleven in height and had baby blue eyes whilst her father was six foot in height, brown hair and green eyes. Brenton had gotten a job in Victoria three months before and had left the small town to ...

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"Broken Hearts" by R.L. Stine

l, which R.L. Stine describes as having "An oval-shaped face with creamy white skin and large olive green eyes. Her pretty face was framed by long copper-colored hair, which she swept straight back ov ...

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