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Therapeutic Touch, its effectiveness on surgical incision site pain

ocess by which energy is transmitted from one person to another for the purpose of potentiating the healing process of one who is ill or injured.' (Heidt, 1981; Krieger, 1979; Lionberger, 1985; Randol ... hat is admitted to the hospital for surgery may not get all the rest needed for proper recovery and healing due to inadequate pain relief from pharmacologic interventions. The need for more in depth r ...

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Holistic Science.

Holistic ScienceThe process of healing through hands-on manipulation is older than any other healing methods. Almost every culture ... de acceptance of alternative medicine has been a prolonged process, the need for human touch in the healing process has increased in the past century.Generally, the sorts of people that enter a field ... ce, depending on what sub field one enters. Possibly the most popular form of bodywork is the Asian healing arts. After completing a rigorous study of the Asian healing arts, an individual can easily ...

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A critical response on Judith Guest's Ordinary People describing character development, themes, and the author's writing style.

erous themes in the book are relatable to the readers. One of the main themes involves the possible healing process in an individual setting, and the difficulties of doing so in a group. All the heali ... eriences. Lastly, the themes of the novel relatable to the readers, in which regards the individual healing process, and how it is possible. This unique story about an ordinary boy, his father, and th ...

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AHNA Description of Holistic Nursing

Holistic nursing embraces all nursing practice that has enhancement of healing the whole person from birth to death as its goal. Holistic nursing recognizes that there are ... the goals of nursing can be achieved within either framework.The holistic nurse is an instrument of healing and a facilitator in the healing process. Holistic nurses honor the individual's subjective ... ships to the human and global community, and permits nurses to use this awareness to facilitate the healing process.

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Music Therapy: A Complementary Health Treatment Therapy

uses music to calm the person and to gain their trust; building a relationship is essential to the healing process. After a relationship is established, the therapist creates an activity plan which ... cal functioning (FAQ's about Musical Therapy, 1999).        The idea of music as a healing influence which could affect health and behavior is as least as old as the writings of Arist ...

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"Patch Adams"

tch learned that he was completely compelled by helping people. He loved helping people through the healing process, and he also learned that with his playful personality, he was very good at it. He w ...

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Interpersonal Communication and Arthur Frank's "The Wounded Storyteller"

Storytelling and Healing: A Relationship of Mutuality"I will put my words in his mouth and he will speak to them all. ... The Wounded Storyteller is a thorough and comprehensive contribution to the multi-layered vision of healing. At the core, the author urges the reader to find their voice and emphasizes the importance ... ves around experiences. Frank stresses on the idea that storytelling is an intrinsic element of the healing process, an ingrained aspect of communication and a fundamental ingredient to human understa ...

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The history of integrative medicine

The use of plants for healing purposes forms the origin of much modern medicine. Many conventional drugs originate from pl ... back 5,000 years to Chinese (traditional Chinese medicine), Indian (Ayurvedic medicine) and similar healing traditions in cultures across the planet. For thousands of years, these diverse medical trad ... the need for harmony between mind, body and spirit. The role of the 'doctor' was to facilitate the healing process by identifying and removing obstacles to health. Therapies addressed the underlying ...

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South Korea International Business

ghbors North Korea for over the past fifty years causing death, loved ones lost and separation. The healing process is taking time but has begun. The United States and South Korea have been allies for ...

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The Strengths of the Female Characters in "A Farewell to Arms" and "For Whom the Bell Tolls": Books written by Ernest Hemingway

ives of the men they encounter.Maria and Catherine Barkley begin to seduce Robert and Frederic as a healing process from themselves. Both women know that men of war are easily distracted by the prosti ... l union with him the first night. Throughout three days the relationship develops into an inspiring healing outline. As Cixous points out, "The affirmation of life and love that Jordan makes as he exp ...

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A pastoral comparison between Larry Cullifords article "spirituality and clinical care" and other pastoral care literature

alth care is no longer adequate for good care and that faith, hope and compassion have value in the healing process. He also highlights why he believes spiritual care has not been implemented much so ...

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With Love Bev

iends. This decision was the first major step in Beverly's recovery. It marked the beginning of the healing process for Beverly. Many other forms of inner strength came out of Beverly. Several ...

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The Death Of Ivan Illych

t he's better off dead. True because that's when the pain end for all of his family members and the healing process begins. I think The Death of Ivan Illych changed the way I look at death. I r ... ave done in my life. I just want to die in peace, let my loved ones mourn at my funeral and let the healing process begin as soon as possible. The ethical decisions we make in our life are not always ...

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Emotional Abuse

ood. He had totally drained my mother in every sense and on that day she took her life back and our healing process began.

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Out of Africa: A Self-Portrait of Karen Blixen

legs and "looked as if he could not have more than a few weeks to live." (22) Blixen describes his healing process in great length. Through her description of interactions with Kamante, Blixen portra ... asizing the degree to which she has aided him and nursed him back to health.By describing Kamante's healing process, and his progress, Blixen indirectly praises herself as a gifted doctor and even des ...

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Final Project: Expository Essay

edure. The patient should know all the possible complications. A patient should also know about the healing process and results.Plastic surgery is a procedure many would like to have done to better th ... is going to be performed, it is important to know how the procedure will go. Complications and the healing process are also topics that should be researched.Researching the Plastic SurgeonIf a person ...

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Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis: Comparing Their Character Development

aphs will describe Kumalo’s path of how he tries to find the truth about his son, and then the healing process after his son’s trial. The fourth and fifth paragraph will depict the path Jame ... mes clear he is in trouble.After Absalom Kumalo is convicted of murder, Stephen Kumalo faces a long healing process. One thing that helps Kumalo alleviate the pain of his sons death is by praying for ...

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The American history of slavery has been conveniently shrouded by a comfortable state of "national amnesia". By what means and how far successful is Morrison in addressing this issue in Beloved.

ighted through the symbolism and character developments. By not "passing the story on", there is no healing process and the community is missing out vital gaps which are required for lessons to be lea ... confront the past and progress forward.Also, by confronting and accepting the past, there will be a healing process and one is better able to understand the past. Beloved, being symbolic of the past, ...

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Faith and Spirituality

rituality include humbleness, inner strength and peace, hope, sense of meaning and purpose in life, healing, acceptance of self and others, sense of harmony and serenity, gratitude and forgiveness. Al ... o use. This essay will identify and raise awareness regarding the importance of spirituality in the healing process.Therapeutic problems may perhaps surface when one's life is faced with events and di ...

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