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This is a creative writing text about what I would be doing if the year were 1492. I had to finish the sentence, "It is the year 1492, and I..."

It is the year 1492, and I am on the high seas with my loyal crew, searching for the alternate water route to China. My crew and I hope a ...

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Why black were attracted to piracy?

rtrayals of pirates in the modern entertainment world are comprised of images of greedy, cutthroat, high seas adventurers who live a life of lawlessness with a trusty parrot, cutlass, and an earring. ...

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ountry. A pirate will attack ships of all nations. "Piracy is robbery committed or attempted on the high seas. It is distinguished from privateering in that the pirate holds no commission from and rec ... One of the sea's strangest, and most unlikely pirates, from the Virginia coast. He was originally a high-ranking individual, known as Major Stede Bonnet. Bonnet came from an upright English family" (W ...

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World war one.

S Dreadnought, in 1906. I hear now that Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II, who is rival to Britain on our high seas, to support his Weltpolitik. I don't know what that means but rumours say it is a policy o ...

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The War of 1812 and the British Naval Blockades on the American expansion into Canada on Lake Erie.

ar of 1812. The United States Navy thus won the decisive battles on the Great Lakes, as well as the high seas.The war between the United States Navy and the Royal Navy of Great Britain began shortly a ... d the ship (Beach 96).The United States Navy was victorious on the freshwater lakes, as well as the high seas. The style of ships on the lakes was different than the ocean-goers. They were often large ...

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World war

r breaks out. Many wars are fought on different sorts of terrain, on the land, in the air or on the high seas. Wars are fought on religious grounds, over racial differences, nation against nation, bla ...

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Pirates Of the Caribbean movie review

These are not the kind of pirates we've been hearing so much about in the news lately. These high seas hackers have never heard of Napster (however, rumor has it that Johnny Depp did draw upon ... he genre, Hook, hit the big screen. But even that was not entirely a pirate movie. Adventure on the high seas has run the gamut lately from The Perfect Storm to the Sinbad TV series. If you really wan ...

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"Movie review" Ghost Ship

ique plot points to make even that much clear in this dreadfully trite Halloween fodder. A group of high-seas salvagers are taken to a passenger liner that went missing some 40 years ago. There are gh ...

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The significance of the war of 1812

early 1815. President James Madison requested a declaration of war to protect American ships on the high seas and to stop the British from impressing or seizing U.S. sailors. U.S. ships were being sto ...

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Review of "A Cage of Words" by Joel Dreyfuss

y we have such selfish politicians. Why we suffer so much misery. Why our people brave death on the high seas to wash up on the shore of Florida." However, as it does this is puts Haiti into a "metaph ...

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Female pirates in the Caribbean: role status and Contribution.

racy, in international law, the crime or robbery, or other act of violence for private ends, on the high seas or in the air above the seas (Encarta 1). Piracy in the Caribbean was a tough life that wa ... e of Flanders. The officers were impressed by her bravery during the battle and they moved her to a higher position as a Horse Regiment (Jones, 1). While in the Horse Regiment, Mary met a handsome you ...

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Is Sealand a Country?

an island fort that was created in World War 2 by Britain and then abandoned to jurisdiction of the High Seas. The second feature of a state is population. A family, the population, that was dissatisf ...

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The concept of justice in the

en Telemachus sails to Pylos without telling them. "[The] Suitors had embarked and were sailing the high seas with murder for Telemachus in their hearts" (pg. 69). They eventually found him, however t ...

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Business Intelligence And Insurance

ght with danger and unknown risks. They needed some kind of protection against the peril lurking in high seas. This gave rise to a new breed of entrepreneurs ? marine underwriters ? who agreed to cove ... ount for an insurance company to adopt an effective CRM strategy, as the needs of its customers are highly differentiated and not all customers are equally valuable.Business Intelligence and The Insur ...

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