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Morality and Politics

aster than all the others. " What's that?" the guy asked pointing to the ceiling. " Oh, that's Bill Clinton's clock. We use it as a fan."B. Statement of TopicI did not have a tough time finding a joke ... o they reveal about the elected official being made fun of? The joke I just told tells us that Bill Clinton is a liar. Politicians, such as Bill Clinton, who are guilty of not only lying, but of adult ...

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Internet in the Classroom

borate source of education, information, entertainment, and communication. Recently, President Bill Clinton expressed an idea to put the Internet into every classroom in Americaby the year 2000[4]. Co ... ost of $1,000 per classroom for one connection(an extremely low estimate), this will give president Clinton's idea a price tag of roughly $4 billion. This estimate does not even begin to take into acc ...

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The best and worst American Presidents

rved from 1993 - 2001. He was born in Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1946. Bill Clinton is married to Hillary Clinton who is now the Senator of New York. Clinton studied to be a law professor at the Uni ...

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Equality Beetween the sexes.

he western world, feminists believe that behind most every great man there is a greater woman, i.e. Hillary Clinton she exerted her power through her husband and many believe that she was the brains b ...

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Hillary R. Clinton

Hillary Rodham ClintonDuring the 1992 presidential campaign, Hillary Rodham Clinton stated, "Our liv ... can to find whatever the right balance is . . . For me, that balance is family, work, and service."Hillary Diane Rodham, Dorothy and Hugh Rodham's first child, was born on October 26, 1947. Hillary's ... ursue any career that interested her. (It Takes A Village)As an undergraduate at Wellesley College, Hillary excelled not only academically but also in school government. Speaking at graduation, she sa ...

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Abortion Clinic Violence

Speaking to the National Abortion Rights Action League, Hillary Clinton tallied up all the violence done by some off-balanced persons against abortion clini ...

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Hilary Clinton and Lady Macbeth: Ambitious relation

still represented in some of today's most famous and important people. One of these people is Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of former President of the United States, Bill Clinton. Evidence has re ... omination for the 2008 US presidency is "outrageous!" says Peggy Noonan, RNC advisor. "The focus of Hillary Clinton's ambition is not her country, but for herself..."Parallel to Lady Macbeth, Mrs. Cli ...

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Hilary Clinton and The American Dream

776, it still puts a hunger in the eyes of the American people. This American dream was realized by Hillary Clinton, a woman who was able to take a lifetime and achieve spiritual, moral and materialis ... l happiness and is able to contribute something back to the people. Through her career in politics, Hillary Clinton was able to influence issues regarding the support of women and children as well as ...

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Monologue of a seeverly abused young adult "Sam"

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President Bush and New York

w York City is going to have to fund the fight against terror by funding the fight on our own. Sen. Hillary Clinton also blasted the President saying that his priorities are wrong and that his policie ...

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What Makes A Leader

e of our real life leaders. I am going to take a look at the economic decisions that President Bill Clinton has made and see where the three elements have played a role in the decision making process. ... llowed through with.Putting leaders' thoughts into action can be very hard to accomplish. President Clinton did a good job of accomplishing what he set out to do, thanks in part to his skills as a pol ...

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Baning Cigarettes

ears for example, smoking has been banned from school property as well as many other public places. Hillary Clinton has banned smoking in the White House, and in New York City advertisements for cigar ...

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The All Seeing Eye....

intrigued further by the promise of exposed hidden truths about many top political figures such as Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno, among many others.The information provided within this book is evide ... order to make better, more informed political decisions. The author has coined this elite group as "Hillary's Hellcats." As Marrs states, this group has a plan that calls for a New Covenant or "Politi ...

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Machiavelli and Castiglione

ce of good morals. In Castiglione's realm, she matches the qualities of dignity and strong virtues. Hillary Clinton clearly shows qualities mentioned in both excerpts regarding her position as a leade ... shows qualities mentioned in both excerpts regarding her position as a leader and as a woman.First, Hillary Clinton as a leader possesses a great number of qualities mentioned by Machiavelli, one of w ...

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Human Prospect Value System

One of the values that Hillary Clinton portrays is that of being humanistic. When she addresses the issue of health care sh ... individuals to overwhelm the twentieth century she claims they have inherited.(Ashford, 2005, p 315)Hillary Clinton’s concern on how to finance health care so as to avoid the fiscal disaster that ... and its healthy existence is given a lot of attention. (Ashford, 2005, p 316)Another value of that Hillary Clinton embraces is that of not being racist. In her plan Clinton says that it will focus on ...

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Problems with the Electoral College

e Harrison) be very weakened by a lack of approval. Therefore quite a few people, including Senator Hillary Clinton, are calling for a constitutional amendment that would elect the president by a pure ...

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Politics and the Media

ws.The DebateGloria Steinem wrote a piece in the New York Times in which she presented the case for Hillary Clinton as a victim to sexism and the status-quo for men in politics (2008). This editorial ... l from that point, with one of the final ponderings being whether or not if a white woman voted for Hillary Clinton she would be demonstrating racism. The point in all this, and the relevance to my re ...

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It was May 13th, Hillary's 15th birthday. Her mother, who treated her like a three year old insisted on taking her to ... , who treated her like a three year old insisted on taking her to a toy store to buy her something. Hillary agreed to go with her. When they walked into the toy store, Hillary flew over to the Barbie ... over to the Barbie dolls. Her eyes widened with excitement. "What about this one?" the mother asked Hillary picking up a doll. She picked up a small, black haired, creepy looking doll with glass eyes. ...

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eral ways. Looking at the presidential candidates running this year we have seen many factors. With Hillary Clinton, we have heard the gender factor, can a women do as good of a job as a man. Obama on ...

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Body Language and the Last Presidential Election

iques. It turned out to be efficient for some candidates but to be a real weakness for some others. Hillary Clinton was conspicuous by her hand gestures, Barack Obama by his posture, John McCain by hi ... tinguished by their non-verbal cues, such as fist thumbs and finger pointing. In the last election, Hillary Clinton was well-known for her hand gestures (Hartley and Karinch 6). She could be seen 'ham ...

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