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Carefully explain how sea levels have changed in historic times? (12)

years ago there was another cold period, during which the sea levels fell and the ice advanced.The Holocene is the name given to the period since the last ice advance, what we would call the ice age. ... Then a period of rapid sea level rise ensued between 11500 and 6000 years ago; this is known as the Holocene or Flandrian progression. Due to the fact that the vast majority of the Pleistocene ice had ...

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Describe the evidence that exists to show both positive and negative sea level change? (13)

re formed by the drowning of lower reaches of a river and its tributaries. This occurred during the Holocene period, where many coastlines developed ria systems. They tend to form mainly where the geo ... ey come from the more characteristically U-shaped glacial valley. They are mainly formed during the Holocene Transgression or Flandrian transgression where there was a rapid sea level rise. Fjords hav ...

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climate change

he last glacial period ended around 15,000 years ago, in which now we currently are situated in the Holocene epoch interglacial period. During these interglacial periods, such as the present we are in ...

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