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In what circumstances is it possible for a court to award exemplary damages in tort?

in's restriction was rejected in many common law jurisdictions such as Canada and New Zealand , the Hong Kong courts follow strictly with the restriction.II. Category OneFew cases in Hong Kong are bro ... ong are brought within this category. Pham Van Ngo & Others v A-G was properly the only case in Hong Kong which exemplary damages are sought under the first category. A group of Vietnamese boat pe ...

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Civil culture in Hong Kong

IntroductionAs British colonial rule in Hong Kong has come an end, the "new" local government finds itself in a political environment that i ... country two system" has resumed the sovereignty over the territory and the involvements of China in Hong Kong domestic affairs have inevitably increase so as the dampening effect in democratization. H ... d spurred political demands on the government.Has the political changes transformed the attitude of Hong Kong people towards democracy? To explore the issue I would first summarize the finding of the ...

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Politics Of Honk Kong and Relations with China.

"Hong Kong's relations with China"During the Imperial Era Britain had expanded its empire by setting ... ing ended the Opium war and granted the British rights to trade in several Asian seaports including Hong Kong. In 1898 the 2nd Anglo/Chinese convention granted Britain a 99 year lease on Hong Kong Pen ... erent form other British colonies because it was only a temporary lease. In the early eighties many Hong Kong citizens became concerned with their future. Citizens feared the Britain would sell their ...

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Examine the role and tasks of purchasing in assuring product quality from suppliers, with reference to: a) specification of quality requirements b) supplier quality audit c) contractual terms

est price. This can be achieved by formal tendering. According to Government Procurement Agreement, Hong Kong government has to go for an open tender for a purchase order of approximately over $1.3 mi ... he importance of this factor.Mainland Headwear Holdings Limited is a listed company (HKSE: 1100) in Hong Kong. It was established in 1986, engaging in the design and manufacture of quality casual head ...

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Integrated Marketing Campaign Principles and Practices Case Study: Ballet (Performing Arts company)

Background of Hong Kong BalletFounded in 1979, Hong Kong Ballet is the only professional ballet company in Hong Ko ... Chinese theme.On average, HKB offers five to six productions per season at various venues including Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Kwai Tsing Theatre and Shatin Town Hall. Each production consists of abou ... about fifteen performances over a period of two weeks.Funding for the Company comes mainly from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, established by the Hong Kong Government in 1995 to plan, promote ...

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Hong Kong: Country outlook

COUNTRY VIEWFROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNITOVERVIEW: Hong Kong is gearing up for the Legislative Council (Legco) election that will be held on September ... ly to expand by 7.4% in 2004 and by 4.7% in 2005. Positive consumer price inflation has returned to Hong Kong, although consumer prices will still fall by 0.2% in annual average terms this year, befor ... (10.3% of GDP) in 2003 to US$13.6bn (8.4% of GDP) in 2005.DOMESTIC POLITICS: On September 12th 2004 Hong Kong residents will cast their votes for a new Legco; directly elected seats will account for o ...

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The Effect in Hong Kong's Economy After the Asian Financial Crisis

remendous interests in the economic point of view. This report focuses on the economic situation of Hong Kong in 1997-98, which has some very special features among the economies in the region.In the ... ry special features among the economies in the region.In the Asian Financial Crisis, the economy in Hong Kong did not sufferer from any banking or currency crisis like some of the Asian countries such ...

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Is Hong Kong suitable to be Asia Switzerland?

As the great banker in Hong Kong Bank, Mr. John made a speech about the financial future of Hong Kong in the high table din ... eech about the financial future of Hong Kong in the high table dinner of bank craft, he claims that Hong Kong , that we can't being a copy cat of Singapore and Shanhai, but Switzerland, it is the righ ... anhai, but Switzerland, it is the right place for Hong Kong to learn and set it as a target.So, can Hong Kong be the Asian Switzerland? According to the analysis by Mr. John, there are lots of similar ...

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Man-made mistake cause severe damage to the environment.

sands of aquatic organisms die due to suffocation and severe water pollution in the bay.I think the Hong Kong Government should quickly set up some regulations to restrict large vessels from parking n ...

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'Small-class teaching' should be implemented in Hong Kong

There has been much debate on whether ‘small class teaching’ should be implemented in Hong Kong. I want to argue in favor of ‘Hong Kong Government should implement small class teach ... phenomenon shows that the unbalanced distribution of students among schools is a serious problem in Hong Kong, which also brings up a lot of side effects. This includes adding stress to teachers. Some ...

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Traveler Website For Business

the employees to travel outside the United States.My parents and I immigrated to United States from Hong Kong for 7 years. Basically I knew where the best place to hang out, the best restaurant to eat ... ons for travelers because I did not have to know as the natural-born resident, therefore I will use Hong Kong as my example for my paper.As many companies are globally developing outside the United St ...

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British administration in Hong Kong in the first half of the 20th century.

Since Hong Kong was a British colony, under the British administration, the Letters Patent and the Royal I ... the Royal Instructions issues by the Crown of England were the legal basis of the structure of the Hong Kong government.Under this system, the British had the monopoly of power. It was also an execut ... nt. The governor appointed by the crown of England was the representative and top decision-maker in Hong Kong. He was very powerful.Firstly, he had legislative power, with his veto power over bills. I ...

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the air pollution in hong kong

.Introduction-Attention getter: If I were to show you a statistics about the air pollution level in hong kong,it will surely astonish you as the air quality is keep deteoriating in the recent years.-S ... teoriating in the recent years.-Situation/Background information: Air pollution is a big problem in Hong Kong, which affecting our daily lives in numerous ways. The problems we are facing are mainly r ...

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The education system in Hong Kong

The education system problems in Hong KongFrom 1841 to 1997, Hong Kong education was closely modeled on the system that was found in ... 1997, Hong Kong education was closely modeled on the system that was found in the UK, at that time Hong Kong was administered by Britain. On 1st July 1997, China got back the former UK colony. Since ... rmer UK colony. Since then, the education system had experienced a lot of changes. For example, the Hong Kong government has changed the nine years compulsory and free schooling system to 12 years edu ...

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